Native Sons Productions, 5th presentation of its Annual Culturally Yours Recognition Awards Ceremony was deemed as a resounding colossal success. The event was held at CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa on Saturday 30th, May, 2015. 8:00AM with a huge cross section of the Anguillian population in attendance.

Six persons were recognized and awarded who had played a great part in Anguilla’s Culture and gave highlights of significant aspects of their lifetime cultural, treasurable moments on Kool FM Radio 103.3.

The Cultural Award ceremony was presented to highly energetic, appreciative and supportive Cultural enthusiast, family and loved ones of the awardees.

According to Jerry Dice Richardson & Leroy “ Brother Lee” Richardson “We have decided to award the following persons in a small way for their selfless contributions and demonstrated significant active involvement in the Anguillian Culture; there is no better time than now to offer tokens of appreciation”.

As Anguillans, we should have a moral responsibility to the understanding of our culture. There is a need to study our cultural values and ideals, which have been shaping our society. It is necessary to have respect and pride for our culture. There is a need to peep into the past that has shaped our present. We are also absolutely thrilled to have been highly commended in our quest in this initiative and other cultural related activities over the years and now.

The 2015 recipients were Messer’s, Hugo E, Rey Sr. James W. Richardson, Neil Carty, and Mrs. Marylla Martin, Rose Hodge and Kathleen Gumbs.

Some of the other highlights of the ceremony included, the Invocation & Salute to Native Sons- by Mr. Quincy Gumbs; Moment of Silence for Mr. Vivien Vanterpool (deceased) – (a Past Awardee 2014); Tributes to the Contribution of Indigenous Anguillans towards Culture by Mr. Bren Romney – Director of Youth & Culture; Brief Cultural Remarks by Ms. Lena Gumbs.

The Presentations to awardees was done by Mr. Bren Romney & Serene Carter Davis. Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Mrs. Palmovone Webster give a sterling tribute to all the awardees and saluted Sons.

Native Sons sincerely thank the following for support and assistance to the award ceremony, LIME, ABC Supplies, BeaRich Services, Rey’s Funeral Home, Department of Youth & Culture, Sheriva Villas, Fair Play Group of Companies, Anguilla Social Security Board, Anguilla Electricity Co. Ltd. Manoah Co Ltd., CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, Webster Dyrud Mitchell and Kool FM Radio.

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