12 Reasons to Visit Anguilla

Many just need 1 reason but we’ve put together 12 reasons why you should visit Anguilla – just in case you needed that extra nudge. We hope these 12 reasons can convince you to make your first or umpteenth visit to paradise, Anguilla.

#1 Hospitality Hotspot

Visit Anguilla hospitable people Aunt B

Welcome to your home away from home! A secluded environment with hospitable persons to cater to you. You’ll enjoy the warmth of the climate along with the hearts of the locals!

#2 You can’t spell beach without the ‘A’ for Anguilla!

Anguilla beach Meads Bay

Of course, the main tourist attraction, the beach! Refreshing, relieving, rejuvenating and a sense of tranquillity found in the aura of Anguilla’s fine white sand and clear, sparkling blue water.

#3 Anguilla with the ‘Pot’!

Anguilla coconut drops

A taste of culture maybe? Be my guest! Come and experience the explosion of mouth-watering local cuisines! You can attempt to make your own Anguilla cuisine by trying these recipes – Palm Grove Johnny Cake Recipe & E’s Oven Pumpkin Soup Recipe (password in the 2017 What We Do In Anguilla)

#4 Getting to Anguilla is not as hard as you think

Getting to Anguilla is not as difficult as it may seem. You either need to find the shortest/cheapest/best flight to the Princess Julianna International Airport in St. Maarten and catch the ferry or charter boat or take a quick flight to Anguilla.

Or, you can fly to Puerto Rico and take an approx. 55 minute flight directly to Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport in Anguilla.

Also, with recent agreements between regional carrier, Seaborne Airlines and international carriers Delta Airlines and Norwegian Airlines, accessing Anguilla by air just got so much easier.

#5 Anguilla Summer Festival

Anguilla Summer Festival

With over a week on nonstop feting, the Anguilla Summer Festival is a rave of great music, exhilarated people from every ethnicity and the best of Caribbean rum! Here’s what’s planned for the 2017 Anguilla carnival!

#6 Anguilla’s got TALENT!

Anguilla art Ani Art Academy
Student at Ani Art Academy. Photo Credit: Ea-Rhon Rogers

Whether it’s drawing at Ani Art Academy, painting, poetry, writing or producing music, Anguilla is artistically inclined! Images speak a thousand words but it’s plenty times the charm with the addition of rhythm and rhyme… just ask Omari Banks.

In addition to this, the outstanding performance seen during Bankie Banx’s Moonsplash and events like the Better Band Reunion.

Or, if you like steel pan music…

#7 4K Quality


Capture Anguilla’s scenery via the lenses of your eyes and camera!

#8 Made in Anguilla

‘Coupled’? ‘The Bachelor’? How about Wale’s music video, ‘The Bloom’ or Rick Ross’s ‘Diced Pineapples’ – all filmed in Anguilla! Feel the vibes for yourself by visiting the locations!

This also includes the fashion seen at the Anguilla Fashion Expo and the delicacies offered throughout the island, such as, locally made icecream from Tropical Treats.

Anguilla Fashion Expo Solace Boutique
Solace Boutique – Tanesha Barnes

#9 Boat Racing feels…

Experience boat racing in Anguilla! There’s a balance of both competitiveness and fun. Boat racing occurs many times throughout the year, especially in the season of jollification; Carnival!

#10 You get what you want… and what you need

Reasons to visit Anguilla - Dolphin Discovery

Whether it’s for business or leisure, we’ve got you covered! An escape from it all, an opportunity to try something new or the most memorable occasion in your life… one word, Anguilla.

#11 Some of the best events happen in Anguilla

Some of the best events you’ve ever seen happen in Anguilla – you just need to look in the right places. One of those places is this comprehensive Anguilla calendar with all on-island events. How about Festival Del Mar? It’s all there.

#12 You may now kiss the bride…

Anguilla wedding
Photo credit: Rocklyn Maynard

Need we say more? Here’s how to get married in Anguilla.

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