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At What We Do In Anguilla, we believe in the experiences gained through personal interactions and the meaningful bonds created through the things we love to do.


About What We Do In Anguilla

What We Do In Anguilla is Anguilla’s Official Island Guide and has been serving the island for 25+ years. Since 1991, the business has grown from a local’s dream to promote Anguilla in all its splendor to a brand which captures the essence of what we do, a treasured souvenir and an essential guide to Anguilla.

What We Do In Anguilla provides pertinent information in a compact, travel-sized tropical themed magazine, representative of the many offerings provided on this small tropical paradise, Anguilla. Today, What We Do In Anguilla is far more than a handy magazine. It is a dynamic connection to Anguilla while you are on island or away.

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