Miggy Llorera

Miggy Llorera

Ms. Miggy Llorera is a 17 year old who has a passion for literature and the island of Anguilla.

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Yes, Hurricane Irma happened but, these 12 reasons to visit Anguilla are still applicable… plus a few more we’ve noticed since Irma – just in case you needed that extra nudge. We hope these 12 reasons can convince you to make your visit to our resilient paradise, Anguilla. #1 Hospitality Hotspot

Parade of Troupes Anguilla

The last fete of the carnival shebang! Here Anguilla goes again with the impeccable Parade of Troupes. Persons of all ethnicities from our sister Caribbean islands to the farthest reaches of the world joined us. The streets were indeed painted with Anguilla’s good vibes, energy and culture. There were troupes