National Youth Awards Fan Favourite Award Online Poll

Online poll hosted by WWDIA on behalf of DYC

The Anguilla National Youth Awards recognises youth in fourteen (14) areas. This year, the Department of Youth & Culture has introduced the “Fan Favourite Award*” to provide the public the opportunity to choose an award recipient from the list of top nominees.

*the Fan Favourite Award is separate to and does not influence the recipient chosen by the selection committee. The winner will be the person/organisation that accummulates the most votes by 7pm on October 6th.

List of Award Categories

  • Outstanding Youth Organisation/Individual Faith Based Achievement
  • Community Services Award
  • Outstanding Youth in Entrepreneurship
  • Friend of Youth Award
  • Esteem Volunteer Award
  • Academic and Extra Curricula Excellence-Secondary
  • Academic and Extra Curricula Awards-Tertiary Level
  • Outstanding Youth/Youth Group in Sports
  • Outstanding Youth in Visual Arts
  • Outstanding Youth in Media
  • Outstanding Youth in Performing Arts
  • Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Youth Worker Award

Voting closes at 7pm on Saturday October 6th and, the winners will be announced at the National Youth Awards at the Teacher’s Resource Centre which commences at¬†Saturday October 6th at 6pm.

Vote for your favourite nominee below

You are only allowed to vote once. Browse all 31 finalists and select your choice then click “Vote Now” at the end.

Alrand Webster

Alysha Carty

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Charisma Jones-Chin

Clemvio Hodge

Daryl Thompson

Devon Carter

Florence Guishard

Hasani Hennis

Hilroy Alfred

iSpeak Autism Society

Kamoy Garvey

Kareen Harrigan

Klassique Academy of Dance and Performing Arts

Klein Harrigan

Micheal Martin

Neil Gumbs

Neville Hamilton

Nisha Dupuis


Rhonica Connor

Sabrina Connor

Samantha Alfred Derrick

Shakibah Thomas

Shea Shea

Shem Olton

Sunset Homes

Tiandra Carty

Trevor Queeley

Vanessa Croft Thompson

Vonlee Harris

Zuri Wilkes

Vote for who should receive the Fan Favourite Award!

Alrand Webster0%
Alysha Carty0%
Child Evangelism Fellowship 0%
Charisma Jones-Chin0%
Clemvio Hodge0%
Daryl Thompson0%
Devon Carter0%
Florence Guishard0%
Glenneva Hodge0%
Hasani Hennis0%
Hilroy Alfred0%
I Speak Autism Society0%
John Millington0%
Kamoy Garvey0%
Klassique Academy of Dance and Performing Arts 0%
Kareen Harrigan0%
Klein Harrigan0%
Michael Martin0%
Neil Gumbs0%
Neville Hamilton0%
Nisha Dupuis0%
Rhonica Connor0%
Sabrina Connor0%
Samantha Alfred Derrick0%
Shakibah Thomas0%
Shea Shea0%
Shem Olton0%
Sunset Homes0%
Tiandra Carty0%
Trevor Queeley0%
Vanessa Croft Thompson0%
Vonlee Harris0%
VPS Golden Horses 0%
Zuri Wilkes0%

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