Anguilla Summer Festival Checklist

It’s that time again and we have your Anguilla Summer Festival checklist of what you need to be ‘Carnival-ready’ waiting for you! Getting ready for mass or bacchanal takes not only funds but also, the body, mind and soul to endure the festivities! Here’s a list of what you need.

1. Load up your stamina and endurance

2016 Anguilla Summer Festival SleepingGiving up is for the weak. If you prepare yourself, you get more action and fun out of the festivities. So prepare your mind for partying from sun-up to sun-down; prepare your body to endure non-stop jamming, jumping and whining; and prepare your soul to get in vibe with the Caribbean Spirit! Sleep, eat and take lots of vitamins in advance.

2. Know the dates and book your tickets!

Ensure to book your tickets because you don’t want to miss out on the fun! Here’s the schedule of all the action.

Anguilla Summer Festival Schedule

3. Find somewhere to stay

As the season winds down, you are in luck as room rates are far less expensive than traveling during the high (winter) season. Find a suitable accommodation. You’re guaranteed to find a great place that’s within your budget.

We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of Anguilla accommodations for you to choose from.

4. Walk prepared!

All travel requires you to walk prepared with the essentials like passport, medication, cash/cards, clothes which suit the climate and other basics which you are already aware of, however, Summer Festival has its unique demands.

During J’ouvert and Parade of Troupes, you may just want to stand out in the crowd… bring a costume or join a troupe!

For boat race, you may want to experience racing in one… you’ll need sea shoes, a hat, lots of sun block, a water proof camera and a strong stomach. Here’s the Anguilla Boat Race Schedule.

Most importantly, walk with your creativity and enthusiasm… it’s all down to how you spend it that would make Anguilla Summer Festival exciting or not.

5. Get Anguilla’fied!

As you get on island, or even before, shop for everything ‘Anguilla’ to wear to all the festivities. Shirts, pants, hats, jewellery, shades, hand bags… literally everything.

While you’re at it, get yourself some souvenirs to take home with you. You can check out these shops in Anguilla for a variety of items.

6. Buy lots of icecream, slushes and jam!

Summer time is really… HOT! Luckily, these locally made treats can keep you quenched, filled with energy (you’ll need it) and satisfy that sweet tooth.

Tropical Treats offers a wide range of ice cream flavours (my current favourite being sour sop) and slushes. They are located at their Fun House in George Hill and will definitely have their truck available at events (you can’t miss it).

Anguilla’s Jammin’ (not to be mistaken for the carnival antics) offers some delicious jam flavours which become a quick snack for on the go.

7. Get Painted!

Body paint, henna, temporary tattoos… don’t just look the part, be the part. Anguilla body painters are ready to add that colour to your experience.

Whether it’s to give your costume that added flare, match your personality and how you’re feeling or give the kids something to look forward to… body painting is a must! Check out Canita Ruan’s Face Painting and D’s Entertaining Arts.

8. Drink responsibly

There’s no doubting that rum is a major player in the Anguilla Summer Festival – it is! A number of our bars have their own special mixes and offer many of the well known brands such as Corona, Jose Cuervo and Ciroc.

Though you may be feeling the music and enjoying your time with friends, do remember to drink responsibly. If feting with friends, identify a designated driver or call a taxi if you find that you enjoyed yourself a little too much. Remember, safety first!

9. Capture everything

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth so much more. Grab your GoPro, Iphone or DSLR and be sure to capture those moments with friends and family.

Be sure to share those memories with us on social media or send them to us. Hashtag #whatwedoinanguilla with your Anguilla Summer Festival images.

2016 anguilla summer festival camera

Make your own Anguilla carnival experience and use this checklist to ensure you get the best, look the best and feel like you were part of the Anguilla Summer Festival.

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