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Rachel Rudwall of How 2 Travelers paid Anguilla a visit during our 2015 Summer Festival and documented her experience reveling in the Parade of Troupes. She has now brought to our attention 5 things to learn from Anguilla Carnival, especially when doing what we do!

Be sure to take part in the 2016 Anguilla Summer Festival happening soon!

Her list:

1. OG Twerkers – “Twerking has been around a lot longer than Miley Cyrus… Anguillians got the booty bounce on lock…”

2. Rum Punch – “Forget beer, rum punch is the summer drink. All you need is some rum and some juice and it will cool you off and loosen you up in no time…”

3. Be Carefree – “Forget body image…there is no ‘are you enough’ in the Caribbean, you just ‘are’!”

4. Adult Dress Up – “We need more excuses to dress up as adults. Carnival in Anguilla is like adult Halloween except way sexier than Halloween.”

5. We Can All Party Safely – “Normally what you would assume is that if a woman is going to dress like that she is going to be the target of a lot of …but in Anguilla people are like ‘How you doing? Are you ok? You want some water?”

This video clip is a clear representation of how fun, safe an exhilarating Carnival in Anguilla is and that you too can participate in the action. Find out more about how you can be a part of the 2016 Parade of Troupes. What We Do In Anguilla would like to thank How 2 Travelers for sharing this great footage!

PS. Did you see What We Do In Anguilla covering the event in this video? See 0:46, 1:21 and especially 1:46!

Give us your review about the pros and cons of Anguilla Carnival below. Enjoy, like and share what we do! #wearewhatwedo

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