Anguilla accommodations began in 1959 with locally-owned Lloyd’s Guest House – still open today. The list now includes an assortment of luxury resorts, villas and even more spectacular accommodations. Beach front views, gardens and a wide range of amenities are some complementary features of Anguilla’s award winning accommodations.

Choose the right accommodation for your needs:

  1. Anguilla Great House Beach Resort – Smack in the middle of Anguilla’s best beach, Rendezvous Bay, The Great House is a one of the last strongholds of local Anguillian style.
  2. Carimar Beach Club – Carimar Beach Club is among the best of Anguilla hotels. It is a world-renowned Caribbean beachfront resort hotel located on the exclusive island of Anguilla, BWI.
  3. CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa – CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, is a luxury destination hotel and resort located on the tranquil island of Anguilla.
  4. Lloyd’s Bed & Breakfast – It is elegant with a repition of architectural detail patterns, creative airflow and strong relationship between indoor/outdoor spaces.
  5. Nathan’s Cove – With a panoramic view of Meads Bay, Nathan’s Cove has lovely 1 and 2 bed apartments on the lower level and 4 bedroom apartment on the upper level with a verandah.
  6. Shoal Bay Villas – Shoal Bay Villas is nestled beneath the swaying palms in the middle of one of the world’s best beaches.
  7. La Vue – La Vue Boutique Inn is enviably located on Backstreet of South Hill, in the heart of Anguilla, where it captures the most breathtaking view of Sandy Ground and Road Bay.

About Anguilla Accommodations

For a view of St. Maarten, one would stay on the south side of the island. For a vast ocean view of the horizon, one would choose the north side. For close proximity to the beach, one would choose anywhere in Anguilla!

Luxury Resorts

Anguilla’s Luxury accommodations have perched themselves squarely in the spotlight as some of the Caribbean’s best. Words can’t explain the awe-inspiring feeling as you walk through the doors of Anguilla’s luxury resorts.

Each resort has it’s own identity credited to architectural design, geographical location, staff and amenities. They have also taken it further, having received international acclaim.

Small/Local Accommodations

How do you know a small/local accommodation when you see one? It’s when the phrase “Home Sweet Home” feels most appropriate. It’s when you are exposed to the reality of simplicity – leaving you no other choice but to embrace the culture, to embrace Anguilla.

These charming and intimate hotels, villas and inns are affordable and offer a unique way to experience Anguilla.­­

There are numerous accommodations of this kind scattered around Anguilla and the adventure of finding your very own hideaway makes it worthwhile, especially if what you find is one masked behind meshing palm leaves or shrouded by the peaceful blue Caribbean Sea.


Anguilla’s villas have unique styles and locations to suit. The villa of your choice awaits you!

Need an awe-inspiring view and architectural perfection or do you prefer a quiet hideaway?

Find help with choosing your Anguilla villa, for rent or sale, by contacting Anguilla’s villa and property management companies which offer a wide array of services.

Bed & Breakfast

An accommodation and a meal in the morning, a concept which combines a goodnight rest & a wholesome breakfast.

Though it’s not exactly breakfast in bed, you can have breakfast in the privacy of your room, in a public dining room, overlooking the sea, anywhere and the meals are most-likely personalized and home-cooked.

There is a possibility that breakfast is not the only meal offered by your Bed & Breakfast but, if it is, take a trip and visit some of the 100+ restaurants scattered across the island for lunch and dinner.

Whether quaint or modern, Bed and Breakfast accommodations wake you up to a healthy meal after a good night’s rest.


Anguilla’s accommodations provide various amenities to ensure that their visitors are relaxed and pampered.

When finding the accommodation which will suit your vacation plans, you may consider the following amenities: pool (private or not), spa, sporting facilities (golf, tennis, basketball, watersports), fitness centre, private chef, rental car and room service.

Amenities are provided to make your Anguilla stay a pleasant and attractive compilation of facilities, goods, services and ambiance which are impeccable by nature and just right for you.

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