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We have been publishing since floppy disks came into existence and, over the past 28 years, we’ve seen technology shape the way we do business and market.

What We Do In Anguilla (WWDIA) is the go-to brand for locals and tourists, delivering quality content across multiple platforms: in print, digital, online and social.

Here’s what our readers had to say…

“…full of all the information we need in one small beautiful package”

“I always bring home the magazine for friends and coworkers, it’s a great advertisement for the island”

“As a web designer, I look for clean lines and easy to follow breaks in content. Yours does well with this.”

Partnering with What We Do In Anguilla provides opportunities to build and increase loyalty across our growing community of readers and viewers. Further opportunities are available to reach and engage with consumers from around the world.

You can take advantage of our print and digital marketing solutions.

Advertising Opportunities

What We Do In Anguilla Official Island Guide
2017 What We Do In Anguilla

The annual magazine is Anguilla’s Official Island Guide since 1991 and has been helping tourists to navigate around Anguilla, providing tips and pertinent information sought by tourists and locals alike.

Advertisers receive exposure in the print magazine which is widely distributed throughout Anguilla and though the online version which is rendered in a responsive flipbook for ease of reading on desktops, tablets and mobile.

Advertisers are also included on the map page and in our Advertiser Index and receive free online business listing and 10% discount on additional services.


The carefully curated WWDIA Videos gained over 600,000 views on Facebook & YouTube with some of them going viral.

The aim is to let our: Activities entertain, Food tantalize, Culture persevere and People inspire.

Video recording and editing services allow you to take advantage of our engaged audience through commercials and native advertising. And, allows you to have high quality content for your audiences.

Social Media Management

Today, most, if not all, of your potential customers utilise social media as your business’ CV and judge your goods and services by the quality of content, its relevancy and how engaged you are on social media. As such, its importance is undeniable.

However, the challenge for most businesses is to:
1) manage the time needed to learn how to effectively utilise each social media platform,
2) source quality content and,
3) engage with their social media following.

All while managing the business and… Ultimately, it requires a lot of time, energy, expertise and focus – all of which would be devoted to the direct day-to-day operations of your business!

Our Social Media Management Packages were developed so you can focus on running the business while we focus on keeping your business in the minds and eyes of those who matter most – your existing and potential customers.

Copywriting & Search Engine Optimization

Copywriting for Press

It really is time consuming to sit down and write a 300 word press release. After setting out the goals of your copy, there’s finding the words to match the feelings that you would like to evoke and those that encourage intended action and learning.

Did you know that photos are worth 1000 words? Why shouldn’t your press release be accompanied by high quality photos that add to the story?

These are key concerns when we produce articles for WWDIA. Every word must make an impact whether for web, radio or print. Let us produce the copy your audience will engage with.

Copywriting for SEO

The common quote, “Build it and they will come…” was never meant for your website. The investment into your brand new website is null and void if the content within it is not refreshed, the copy/text is not Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and, you have a blog which is not being utilised.

Search engines like Google read. They read if the last time your website was updated was in 2015 when it was launched. It reads whether the content in it makes sense and it makes assumptions as to who to present your website to.

Apart from search engines, social media is a great tool for getting people to your website – that is, especially if your website has a blog. Posting interesting articles with great photos positions your business as a professional in your field and attracts people on your website.

In turn, they may browse deeper into the website, become a return visitor, and, potentially buy what you’re selling – that should be the primary purpose of your website.

Make the most of your online investment. Contact us for a consultation.

Native Advertising

Have one of our authors develop a masterpiece editorial about your business and what you do to be featured on our website. The editorial can also include stunning images taken by our photographer, some of which will be sent to you for your own use. You also have the alternative to send us your own content that you wish to be included as an editorial on our website.

Online Banner Advertisement

You have the option of having an advertisement included in the sidebar on a monthly basis. This will be seen across all posts and most pages on the website. Only 1 space available.

All online advertisements can include links to your website, social media accounts or other links of your choosing.

Anguilla Calendar by WWDIA

Include your upcoming event to the online Anguilla Calendar and let your target audience know what you are doing. Upgrade your event to a Featured Event and receive more exposure.

Featured Events stand out from the crowd! They provide your potential attendees with a wealth of information, such as:

  • Google Map Location
  • Contact Information
  • Featured Image
  • Unlimited Text/Desctiption
  • Exposure in Website Sidebar
  • Shared on Social Media

Sponsor an Article

Advertisers also have the option to sponsor an article written by our authors. This will include an in-article advertisement which will be seen by the readers of that particular article. Enquire about our Editorial Calendar.

All online advertisements can include links to your website, social media accounts or other links of your choosing.

Monthly Newsletter

Advertise in our monthly Anguilla Update newsletter. Only one ad will be displayed per newsletter which will be sent monthly. Placement is on a first come first served basis.

All online advertisements can include links to your website, social media accounts or other links of your choosing.

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