Tap into .ai: Elevate Your Brand with Anguilla’s Innovative Domain Suffixes

Today, the Commercial Registry, Anguilla, announced that there will be an addition of new and innovative domain suffixes coming soon to their Commercial Registry Electronic System (CRES). These additions align perfectly with the growing interest in the “.ai”, Anguilla’s country code top-level domain (.ai), due to the growth in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. 

The new suffixes that will be available via CRES are:

  •  AI.
  • .AI.
  • Anguilla Incorporated.
  • AI.SEZ.
  • AISEZ.
  • AILTD.
  • AI.Ltd.
  • AI.Inc.
  • AI.Co.
  • .Co.Ai.

These new suffixes are being designed to empower businesses, large and small, by providing them with a wider array of domain suffixes to choose from. Each carries its unique value, opening doors to creative branding opportunities, enhanced online credibility, and niche targeting. The Commercial Registry believes that these suffixes will bring about a wave of digital transformation and innovation in Anguilla’s business landscape. 

Upon the availability of these new suffixes, companies must ensure that they already own the name as a domain to utilize the same. AI Domains can be registered at https://zenaida.cate.ai/, a link will also be provided on the Commercial Registry’s website www.commercialregistry.ai.

The Commercial Registry has been making continuous efforts to provide businesses with enhanced opportunities and a more dynamic online presence, supporting business endeavours and fostering innovation in Anguilla.

About .ai and Anguilla
.ai is the country code top-level domain for Anguilla. With the alignment of “ai” with Artificial Intelligence (AI), there has been a surge in demand for .ai domains within the AI space.

Contact the Commercial Registry
P. O. Box 60, The Valley AI-2640, Anguilla B.W.I

1 264 497 3881

Registrar: Thelsen L. Connor Thelsen.Connor@gov.ai

Deputy Registrar: Mishline V. Leader Mishline.Leader@gov.ai

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