Anguilla Boat Race Schedule

2018 Anguilla Boat Race Schedule available now!

It’s “Nuttin Bafflin” that Anguilla’s National Sport is boat racing and the commencement of the boat racing season means that we are all ready to follow or even participate.

The Calendar of Boat Racing Events (below) will guide you to where, when and what races are happening in Anguilla.

Upcoming Anguilla Boat Race Schedule

“The love of boat race, the tradition, the boats themselves and the rules are unique to the island of Anguilla.  As a sporting event, boat race is surpassed by no other sport, each boat with its fans, each captain and crew with its strategy and each finish with its arguments.” – Anguilla Tourist Board

Anguilla Race Boat Sizes


Class A

Length: 28′
Width (max): 11′-6″
Sail Height: 53′
Boom Length: 38′

Class B Boat

Class B

Length: 23′
Width (max): 8′-6″
Sail Height: 35′
Boom Length: 27′

It is awe-inspiring that a hand-built “open hull” vessel, powered by the wind and balanced by men and hundreds of pounds of ballast and sand could maneuver so quickly on the open ocean.

Tourists too have gotten the opportunity to experience what is done on the boat, the shuffling, speeding up/down, passing of boats and even winning. While those locals and tourists, who aren’t on the boat, watch with peering eyes from the beach/cliff side or from their own personal boats cheering on and debating who will win.

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Anguilla Boat Racing History

Find out more about Anguilla’s boat racing history by watching “Nuttin’ Bafflin'” – a documentary created by Rebel Marine on the origines of boat racing in Anguilla.

Nuttin’ Bafflin’ Film by Rebel MarineProduced 5 years ago, Nuttin Bafflin, preserves Anguilla’s rich boat racing heritage.

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Who do you think will be the Champ? Comment your thoughts below. While you’re at it, check out the Captain’s Lounge for updates and videos of Anguilla’s National Sport, Boat Racing.

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