Anguilla Music Academy And The GRAMMY Museum

       Nothing beats seeing the satisfaction in an artist’s eyes!”
— Darius James
An institution to bring forth Anguilla’s sheltered artists; could the Anguilla Music Academy be the light at the end of the tunnel? Will it be yet another great opportunity for advancement in Anguilla? The possibilities are endless. The founder, Mr. Darius James, is a Dominican native who has made Anguilla his home for the past 8 years. The Anguilla Music Academy (AMA) is seven years in the making and Mr. James stands proud today as he dream has finally been realized.

Darius James Anguilla Music Academy
Darius James, Founder of Anguilla Music Academy

But, how did he get here? What gravitated him to the shores of Anguilla? Mr. James was employed with Calypso Cruise lines as a drummer. While on vacation he visited Anguilla, and like many visitors to the island, its uniqueness captured his soul. Mr. James quickly indulged himself into the musical scenery and recognized the immense talent and potential the island had to offer. This potential could be eloquently described as “a passion worth tapping into”.

When asked what is his favourite part of doing what he loves, he exclaimed, “Nothing beats seeing the satisfaction in an artist’s eyes!” Can you find a better motivator? The Anguilla Music Academy may not only be a place for learning and development but also serves as a place with great ambiance, therapeutic to an extent even. “It’s all about energy!” said James. “You can only achieve what you work for; the sky is the limit.”

When asked about the challenges and fears, Mr. James stated that his biggest fear is Anguilla robbing itself of this blessing. He explained that The Anguilla Music Academy has the potential to be an invaluable asset to Anguilla. The island now has the resources at its fingertips to showcase musical talent in the best possible light. However, it is one thing to have the resource but another to embrace it and utilize it.

Not Just Another Music Class

Anguilla Music Academy mixer board

In 2016, Anguilla Music Academy and The GRAMMY Museum brought the Music Revolution Project to the Caribbean for the first time! They welcomed approximately 20-25 willing students to engage in varying genres of music; this exposure assisted in sparking their innovative minds in relation to music.

The GRAMMY Museum, located in Los Angeles, California, is an institution built to showcase and archive the musical achievements and works of artists. They are also a subsidiary to the Recording Academy who acknowledges recorded music annually by awarding GRAMMY Awards at its annual ceremony. They amazingly celebrated their 59th ceremony this year!

Future Aspirations

With great persistence, positive energy and hard work, Mr. James envisions the AMA to be the outlet for an Anguillian artist to win a GRAMMY award. This institution intends to lift students and Anguilla and the region to a higher standpoint via music.

There’s more where that came from!

How To Sign-up to the Anguilla Music Academy

Registering for the academy is simple; one must be 12 years or older, have basic computer skills, fill out the Registration forms provided on the Anguilla Music Academy website, of course, be determined.

Growth Expectancy

The Anguilla Music Academy serves as a bridge to the music industry. This remarkable institution will not only cater to Anguilla and the region but will also be accessible to musicians worldwide.

For further information, you can contact AMA at 1 (264) 498-7812 or email:

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