Anguilla’s Jammin’

Family owned and operated, Anguilla’s Jammin’ produces jams and salsas from fresh and locally grown ingredients, made on the Island of Anguilla.

The principals of the company are Jackie Cestero, her niece Molly Nutting and Molly’s husband, Tom Nutting. All three originate from Rochester, New York and together they steer the island’s first commercial food production company.

Currently, 6 flavors of jam are produced in 1,8 and 32 ounce jars including: Mashed Up Mango, Kool Kiwi, Paw Paw Melon, Passion Fruity, Banango and Hot Jamn. Products are sold at most gift shops and are used in a number of restaurants and hotels across Anguilla.

On an island with limited rainfall and poor soil, it is difficult to obtain fresh produce. Anguilla’s Jammin’ purchases as much produce as possible from local farmers. To supplement, they have developed their own Aquaponic Garden that produces fruits and vegetables year-round.

Anguilla's Jammin' Aquaponics

Anguilla's Jammin' Gift Packs

Anguilla's Jammin' Aquaponic Farm

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics which creates a simple ecosystem, in which, both fish and plants can thrive.  This method, the first of its kind on Anguilla, uses significantly less water than traditional or hydroponic farming, due to the continuous cycling and reuse of water.  Approximately 250 Mozambique Tilapia produce the nutrients necessary to support the growth of the fruits and vegetables.

Run totally on solar and wind power, the Aquaponic Garden fully supports the company goal of an eco-friendly business.  To that end, they encourage all local restaurants and individuals that purchase their products to recycle the bottles by returning them to Anguilla’s Jammin’ for safe reuse.

Anguilla’s Jammin’ provides free tours of the Aquaponic Garden Thursday mornings at 9:00 am or by appointment.  Jam tastings round out every tour and allow guests to sample and purchase those savory flavors.

Bring the vibrant flavors of Anguilla home with you!


Bay View Road
Shoal Bay East


Phone:  1.264.584.0346

Twitter: @AnguillasJammin

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