Upcoming Artist, Tangiera Huggins, Inspires Young Designers

“Art. Passion. Life. Art is my passion, and that passion guides me through life”, this is the personal mantra that drives Ms Tangiera Huggins, a young and upcoming artist.

This young, bold artist, who wants to effect change, is already taking the lead by creating a learning environment for young and upcoming designers.

Ms. Huggins took the initiative by organising a costume design workshop for young artists in Anguilla. This was facilitated by internationally acclaimed designer Fonrose of Carni Cademy in Trinidad. Approximately 6 young designers participated in the intense 4-week costume design workshop.

“I think we really need to change the tide of our cultural industry that we have in Anguilla. I think we can be so much more,”

Tangiera Huggins

“I think there’s a lot of young people on the island that have the drive, have the will, and the power and want to do it but there’s no outlet. They don’t see any kind of option for themselves, so I just want to be one of the people that gives an option – that helps and show them that there is something out there if we make it.”

Salvador Dalí, who was a famous surrealist Spanish artist, known for his technical skill and precise draftsmanship once said, “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” This quote properly defines Ms. Huggins who is not only encouraging but honing the skills of future artists in Anguilla.

In 2019, this young creator, also launched her own business Feteware.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few designers in the past, where my passion grew. If you had told me four years ago, that I would be designing clothes for people to wear, I would say never,” she said laughing. “Because I just didn’t see it. I’m an artist, I draw, I sketch and I’m crafty with my hands so it just went together when I had the opportunity and from there, it just kicked off and I’ve been into it ever since.”

Wire bra for Carnival costumes

Ms Huggins, a self-taught artist attributes her talent to the talent of her mom. “I remember flipping through my mother’s folder and mimicking her drawings.”

The young artist, who moved to Anguilla with her mother and siblings at the age of 10 from St Kitts, said her mom was unable to pursue Art because she was focused on raising her family. Furthermore, the attitude towards Art back then was one that deemed Art as an unsustainable profession. However, she believes that this is possible for herself now.

“After Hurricane Irma, I dug into myself and wanted to do something more, use my creativity but I was always on the fence.   I wanted to be a doctor. You know growing up, your parents would always say, you need something secure, but I must say my mother was always supportive. However, in my mind, looking at society and going to school, you always hear, you want to have a “real” job but now with the economy, you see the tide is changing, you see a lot more technical areas and careers are more feasible. I think more than ever, that is reachable for me, so I have been pushing.”

Ms Huggins has collaborated with other local artists like Daryl Ruan for initiatives such as the “Wuk Up and Stroke” party and paint event that was held at IWAS. She also mentioned that she is currently working with other artists on a mural in West End.

Asked what she is currently working on, she responded: “There is a Creative Fest that is happening within the Department of Youth and Culture that I recently learned about, so I will be doing prints of my work and putting my art up for sale.”

“One thing you have to do as an artist is to let go, before I wasn’t able to do that but now, I’m ok with it. If my art is making me this happy, it would be okay to make other people happy,” the inspiring young lady stated.

“I started a series for Creative Fest. I’m finishing my first complete body of work it is called Head Strong and again it is around my head wraps – it is a reflection. I always say my art is a reflection of me but this is a dedication to all the strong black women and all the strong women I see around me in everyday life, and how they push through and so that is what it embodies – so it is about 3 paintings and all of them in some kind of way reflect what I see around me and the people/women in my life.”

Ms Huggins is a true embodiment of her work. Her head wraps that she so eloquently wears exudes grace, beauty and humility, these qualities will definitely give rise to a successful artist.

“I do a lot of paintings, drawings, I do my wire bras – costume things. Basically, anything I can get my hands into. I want to do welding and carpentry. I haven’t had the time to focus on it but that is my next task.”

I have no doubt that this young creative mind, blessed with talented hands will continue to push boundaries far and beyond her reach.

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