Felicia Hennis

Felicia Hennis

Ms. Felicia Hennis has a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Communications from The New York Institute of Technology. She is an avid reader and loves travelling.

Just imagine… Anguillians… one day competing in Olympic swimming. While this may seem like a dream, we have already seen the likes of Zharnel Hughes…

Chef Sheldon Browne

What do a firefighter and a chef have in common? They both have to deal with heat. It is not every day a firefighter may have to out a fire, but indeed every day a chef must face the fire and feel the heat in his/her kitchen. “Failing was not

Art by tangie Tangiera Huggins Anguilla

“Art. Passion. Life. Art is my passion and that passion guides me through life”, this is the personal mantra that drives Ms. Tangiera Huggins, a young and upcoming artist.

Formally registered in March 2018, the Beloved Project, which comprises four young ladies and Mr Joseph, has taken on numerous projects around the island.

In this period of COVID-19, a time where public health is of grave importance, we are proud to announce that, Dr Tonya Mason, an Anguillian, has completed a PhD in Environmental Epidemiology at The University of Hong Kong.  Born and raised in Anguilla, she is the daughter of Fay and

Queen B Soca

When you hear the name Queen B, you quickly think calypso but, with her first ever Soca soundtrack For You, the Queen is…