Jayda Hughes

Jayda Hughes

Raised in Anguilla, Jayda Hughes is an ambitious and determined young lady whose goal is to make an impact with her life's work.

Hats and Heels Womens Week Anguilla

The ballroom of CuisinArt Resort and Spa was graced with over 100 successful women who were accentuated by their beautiful hats and heels worn at the annual Hats and Heels lunch on March 3rd, 2019 – part of the annual Women’s Week celebrations.   View this post on Instagram  

J'ouvert Anguilla 2018 Anguilla Flag

On any normal day, the route for J’ouvert, from the Valley to Sandy Ground, may seem long but add Exodus HD, Infusion XL, Pantha Vibes International (PVI), Frontline Band, DJs, water trucks, powder, paint and, not to forget, rum and everyone had ‘nuff’ energy and power! Could you imagine the

Santosha Estate Villa Anguilla

Standing tall on beautiful Long Bay Beach, your expectations of Santosha Villa Estate Anguilla are inspired by the essence of its Sanskrit name. The property doesn’t disappoint. When visiting this beachfront estate, you are bound to feel complete acceptance, satisfaction and contentment – this is “Santosha”! Previously a personal residence

Anguillian Caribbean Youtubers

Did you know that YouTube is the largest search engine, right after Google? In fact, YouTube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo and Ask combined. More than 1 billion people use YouTube and some Anguillians are leveraging this medium to promote the island, their talents and much more. Many people look

Miss Anguilla Queen 2017, Contestant #2, Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers

Countdown to the 2018 Anguilla Summer Festival From the brilliance and eloquence of all four Miss Anguilla contestants – who expressed the remarkable impact the 1967 Revolution had on Anguilla and their lives – to the rich Anguillian culture channelled through stylish, modern and intricate ensembles for cultural, costume and

South Valley Street Festival

Exploring the dazzling streets of South Valley on the 5th of August 2017, during the South Valley Street Festival, one had no choice but to be captivated by the decorations, delectable aroma of food, resonating sounds of music and smiling faces of locals and tourists. The South Valley street fair