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Weatherman, Leslie Joseph Has A Heart Of Gold, Brings Cheer To Families

You may know him as the Weatherman, alongside YellowMan Shirt, Colin Harrigan, bringing much laughter to our souls. But the Weatherman, Mr Leslie Joseph, has a heart of gold. Following Hurricane Irma, and after seeing so much devastation, the Weatherman took the advice of his dad and used his popularity for a good cause. He put aside the humour and, with the help of friends, established the Beloved Project.

Formally registered in March 2018, the Beloved Project, which comprises four young ladies and Mr Joseph, has taken on numerous projects around the island. For example, assisting persons in the cleaning of their yards and last year, presented a lucky family with the Beloved Christmas Basket.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted many families, the Beloved Project also has embarked on a Soup Drive to feed the community.

Leslie Joseph Beloved Project Anguilla

“I wanted to do a bit more and we started raising funds for food vouchers and we went deep into the different communities to find families most at risk to present them with a food voucher”

— Leslie Joseph

Mr Joseph, who has worked in the tourism industry, said, “I love hospitality that is why I chose the job. I love meeting and speaking with people.  I love to multi-task to get the job done. I’m someone who loves to go above and beyond to ensure that everything is done. I have been laid off and now I’m devoting my time to charity.”

Beloved Building Project, 20′ by 20′ Studio Home

While some persons may have been depressed with no job in sight, Leslie Joseph has strapped up his boots and is, even more, involved in the community. He’s currently assisting in building a 20×20 studio home for a male. The house comprises a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.

“We have just completed pouring the foundation. In terms of getting help, we didn’t really have any major sponsors other than maybe 2 or 3 persons that gave a significant amount. For the most part, it has been members of the public giving $20 or $10, because rather than just asking for $500, we decided for instance to target 100 people to give $10 which add up to $1000,” he explained. “So that is how we decided to go about it, rather than put the burden on one major sponsor.”

“We started the house in late July and, if all goes well, we plan to hand over the home on December 25th – Christmas Day.” On a day that many persons await gifts from friends and family, Mr Joseph will be presenting one of the most important gifts to an individual – a home!

If you were to look up the name Joseph, it is derived from Hebrew name, Yosef, meaning to add; to increase. This description is appropriate for this young man who is improving the lives of households with his abundance of love and goodwill.

The adage, it is better to give than to receive fits aptly in this context. Mr Joseph’s humility and generosity has garnered the respect from some members of the community who thought it fit to nominate him for the Department of Youth Community Award. Though he was not the lucky recipient of this prestigious award, just to be mentioned and to be a nominee shows the love and appreciation that persons feel towards this honorable young man who they believe is deserving of such an accolade.

Food vouchers and upcoming projects

“We have also just wrapped up $11,000 worth of food vouchers that were distributed to persons.” Mr Joseph proudly announced to WWDIA.

Beloved Project Anguilla

Other projects on the list… “Right now, we are trying to find an office for 4 or 5 computers for students to use the internet for educational purposes. We know it is challenging for some students who do not have computers at home to complete their assignments. So, while dealing with the house, I’m still trying to find a physical location to have an office and trying to get sponsors for the computers and to get internet access.”

When further asked how does he spend his time, Mr Joseph commented: “I actually spend most of my time trying to give back even if it is not through the charity but just to give my time back to the island by doing something constructive, something meaningful, whether helping my neighbor, or the church.”

This young proud Anguillian who, like many residents, attended the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School is a living example of a good citizen. He has indeed lived up to the school’s motto, “Decus est Servire” – It is an honour to serve.

Let us be an example like Leslie Joseph and serve our communities especially during this Christmas season. Let’s add a little love and good cheer to our fellowmen.

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