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“We want more Better! We want more Better!” One can only imagine that these lyrics have been enshrined in the hearts of many who have witnessed the legacy of Better Band – the Band of the late 90s and early 2000s!

Better Band… a band that united the hearts of many and empowered the masses with words of encouragement that resonate that “we must live as one” and “sing a song of love, peace and harmony” – positivity that traversed not only villages but also, islands… Their music is simply ageless and still as infectious as when it was first released! They were musicians and entertainers at heart who knew how to get the crowd engaged and moving!

Flash forward to 2017, these lyrics are more than just a chant. They epitomize the desire to relive or be a part of the delightful experience of being entertained by Better Band. With the combination of lively delivery; the creative fusion of varying styles and genres; and the meaningful, thought-provoking lyrics, it is little surprise that the public ardently received the news that “Our Better Band” was reuniting for a ‘walk down memory lane’ concert.

      We want more Better! We want more Better!”
— Better Band, Hip Hip
To say the least, the cries of many have been answered by the young and talented two-man team behind AXA BOY Entertainment who aided in making the Reunion a dream turned reality. The two sons of the soil, Inderan “Indy” Bailey and Shervaun “Young Diction” Hughes-Edwards, are forces to be reckoned with!

Inderan “Indy” Bailey (left) & Shervaun “Young Diction” Hughes-Edwards (right)
Inderan “Indy” Bailey (left) & Shervaun “Young Diction” Hughes-Edwards (right)

There’s no doubt that Young Diction, the lyrically smooth rapper in the 2008 hit, “Island Girls” turned music producer and promoter; along with Indy, music engineer for the prestigious Universal Records’ studios in Miami, will deliver a high-caliber event on Friday, 26th May 2017 at 10 pm at the Caribbean Commercial Complex.

A brief history about Better Band’s legacy

Due to a certain turn of events in the late 90s, another band emerged after the separation of the previously known Vito band. However, unknown to many, the name, “Better Band”, was only meant to be a temporary name which nevertheless stuck.

The original members of Better Band included Terrence “Hodgie” Hodge-Carty; Corwin “Bookie” Carty, Lanvol “Pantha” Carty; Bevon “Sonney King” Niles; “Fudi” and the late, “Bassie”. Hit after hit, this band delivered – even with the change in dynamics of the band like the addition of Sherma “DeBabe” Hughes; Dwight “Dwytea” Carty; and Allan A “Pipe” Carty, to name a few, paired with the exit of some members.

Better Band Anguilla Members

Nonetheless, one thing for sure remained the same – the admiration of the band by its fans! Throughout their legacy they earned road march titles in 1998-2000 and 2004 – 2007, for their songs: Raise the Roof, Soggy, Misbehave, Toss Up, Imagine, Jam Aerobics and Keep Moving.

     We’re having a party and we want everyone to join in. It’s an open invitation and … its guaranteed to be a big one!”
— Better Band, Join In
Besides their road march titles, they also delivered some of the best love tunes that has the unchanging emotional evocation which makes singing and/or dancing along irresistible. Not to mention, the songs “Reach for the stars” and “The Road You Walk” which are very much relatable to this day with the wise advice as conveyed by Bookie that we must “reach for the stars. The sky is the limit” and that “in life, if you want to achieve your goals, you have to go about it in a positive way”.

Better Band Anguilla Reunion

We all are anxious to know what all AXA BOY Entertainment has in store for us as Hodgie, Bookie, Pantha, Pipe, Sonney King and Dwytea with Junie of Poizon Band set the stage ablaze.

If you’re not already excited to attend, there will be giveaways to the first 200 persons to arrive who will receive a complimentary Better Band Reunion rag and a lucky ticket holder will get the opportunity to play mas with the Majestic Gem troupe. Other entertainment include: BDJ & DJATC, DJ Jeanie & DJ Bless PCS.

Leading up to the observation of the 50th year after the Anguilla Revolution, this Reunion is fitting because of the underlining themes of some of the band’s songs which goes hand-in-hand Anguilla’s motto – Unity, Strength and Endurance.

    Hip Hip! Hooray Hooray! Jump up leh we celebrate!”
— Better Band, Hip Hip
You don’t want to miss out on the Better Band experience! It’s an event for the persons who know every lyric to every song ever produced by Better Band; the ones who partied at Ground Zero and Round Rock and the newcomers who did not get their ‘healthy dose’ of Better!

Soca Relapse, today, might be your last chance for the year (or, even years) that you will see Better Band performing LIVE! If you missed them at the Better Band Reunion, you need to be at Soca Relapse.

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