Clowning Around At The Calypso Competition

Countdown to the 2018 Anguilla Summer Festival

2022 Anguilla Summer Festival

Do it for the culture! Oh, sweet, sweet Calypso; the one genre that can’t go out of style in the homeland of many.

What makes it so captivating is the lyrics that the artists sing –  they’re topics concerning a wide range of relatable issues; politics, social concerns, carnival and more!

These artists have worked for an ample amount of time recording and releasing their songs on various radio stations.


And the artists’ songs aren’t the only things that hold meaning, it starts from their name! Artists such as Game Boy, Mighty Lyrics, Singing Dee Dee, Super Mario, De Executor, Mighty Linger and Singing M&M; and that’s just the juniors!

In the senior’s line up they had; Roxxy, Mr. Decent, Queen B, Hot Shot, Messenger, Repeater, Ziggy, Gossip, Undertaker. An interesting set of names indeed.

These young artists represented and represented toughhh! Dressed in their Anguilla colors along with props for their presentation.

There wasn’t any way they were giving up the winning title that easy! It was a go hard or go home thing! And no one certainly wanted to go home without the crown!


They all reminded us of the reason of carnival, emancipation. But Super Mario stood out took the cake this year with his song “Tomorrow Reality”.


All the performers sang with a purpose; to express their views on what’s going on in the world/Anguilla today and how it can be solved. Just to name a few, Queen B came out in her lovely turquoise suit along with a boat as her prop. She sang the song ‘Ground Sea’ and Roxxy sang ‘Who Is Going To Carry On?’; Roxxy basically asked who is going to carry on the legacy of Anguilla, it’s culture and everything it stood up for.


Mr. Decent performed ‘Principles’. He interpreted this by dressing as an actual principal, teaching principles of life. A commendable job on the wordplay he had going on there too!


Have you ever seen a clown singing calypso?! Old man nuncy, being the host of the show, stepped out in a clown suit! Chanting calypso and giving the people what they want; a show!


As the competition drew near the end, the winner for the Senior Calypso Monarch Competition was Roxxy with her deep rendition, ’Who Is Going To Carry on?’ leaving a message for our people; belittle not the younger generation but build them up instead for them to carry on!

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