Forever Trendy, Forever in Style – Sweet Calypso

The junior and senior calypso monarch show held on Tuesday, August 7th left people in amazement, as per usual! With 8 competitive junior contenders and 9 ever-ready senior performers the crowd was well entertained. Also, much regards to the stellar host for that night; Old Man Nuncy, accompanied by The Platinum Band and their musical vibrations.

The songs that were performed by each contestant all had meaning. For the junior’s round, matters such as Breast Cancer, Unity and Success were highlighted. These were rendered by De Executor, Singing Dee Dee, Lil Stinger, Mighty Lyrics, De Gayle, De Energizer, Super Mario and Mighty Linger.

Coming from a young group of people, they embodied true perseverance and resilience of Anguilla people! – The whole Anguilla Summer Festival line up actually! As if we didn’t undergo a catastrophic hurricane 11 months ago.


The second part of the Monarch competition had 9 senior competitors; De Undertaker, Mr. Decent, Roxxy, Queen B, Lus, Repeater, Springer, Hit Man and Jah Fire. The pieces they sang signified matters varying from Politics, Unity and Change. And as expected, they all fought to the finish like true patriots.

The points for the competition were allocated to varying categories; Lyrics, Theme expression, Word craft, Presentation, Originality, Melody, Rendition and Arrangements. And these were judged by Trevor Woodley, Allister Richardson, Dennis Fleming, Deborah Winter, Mr. Wilson, and Mrs. Daphne Jacobs – Richardson. Kudos to them for a job well done!

Old Man Nuncy never failed to make the crowd laugh with his humour!

At the end of the night into morning, it all boiled down to one winner per round. For the Junior’s competition, our boys showed out! The second runner up was De Gayle, first runner up was Super Mario and all hail Mighty Linger for taking the crown!

Followed by the Senior competition, which had two parts; where Roxxy came back to defend her title with her tunes: ‘Without The Storm’ and ‘I Ain’t Leaving’! And indeed, she did not leave without what she worked for! And the final part; where 3rd runner up went to Mr. Decent, 2nd runner up to Repeater, 1st runner up to Roxxy and First place went to a 36 year contender, The Mighty Springer!

The Anguilla Summer Festival does a magnificent job in showcasing both youngsters and seniors in an event that breathes Anguillian culture; in fact, there were actually more participants this year than the last!

Can you imagine what more they have in store for next year? See you there!

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