Hurricane Irma won’t dampen our 20th Anniversary celebrations

In August 2017, Cheddie celebrated 20 YEARS OF SERVICE. Unfortunately, a week later the island was hit by Irma, a massive category 5 hurricane that put a damp in all celebrations.

Hurricane Irma Anguilla

Post Hurricane Irma, through the resilience of Anguilla’s people and the support of those who love the island, Anguilla has seen a comeback in record time and, this is reason to celebrate. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to not only celebrate 20 years but, to celebrate Anguilla’s recovery and the coming of a new year.

       20/20 promotion – 20% discount across the board!”
— Cheddie Enterprises
A milestone of such magnitude should not be overlooked. It is a time best celebrated with those who have helped the business to achieve such a milestone – family, staff and customers – who have become more like friends. Because of you, we have made it this far.

Many know Cheddie Richardson as a self-taught artist from the little island of Anguilla. He began his business in the early 80’s in unique sculptures and creative pieces made from Mahogany, coral, stone and, most popularly, Driftwood.

Memorial hand sculpture – the late James Ronald Webster

In the 90s, Cheddie’s mind began to wander as his creative imagination allowed him to venture into a new but most needed service on the island of Anguilla – sandblasting and engraving – named “Cheddie’s Sandblasting 97”.

In 1997 Cheddie found ways of engraving into glass and stone through the method of sandblasting and as time elapsed, mastered the technique in other sorts of personalization allowing individuals to have that everlasting remembrance.

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebration, you are invited to take advantage of our 20/20 promotion – 20% discount across the board on any purchases at Cheddie’s Sandblasting. From basic personalization, glass, tombstones, decorative flooring and customized tomes.

This promotion will last for a duration of 6 months. Customers who spends 300.00USD or more will receive an additional $20.00 off different to the 20% discount.

Season’s Greetings from the Management and Staff at Cheddie’s and we look forward to the continued support in the years to come.

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