Donate to a Cause

There’s no better feeling than knowing that you contributed something significant to the growth and development of another.

Time is one of the most valuable things which you can donate to anyone. All of us are born with the same 24 hours, what we do it with it is what defines us.

Resources make it possible for daily processes and advancement to occur in any organization. Your contribution can make things work better, look better or feel better.

Funds, once provided can be used to target specific areas which hinder the carrying out of tasks. The Anguilla Progressive Association of New York (APANY) is “a fiscal agent” for several charitable Anguilla entities. Its USA 501 (c)(3) status allows it to receive financial and other donations, thus giving stateside donors a vehicle for a charitable tax reduction.

You may also consider donating while on island. Contact any of the below charitable causes, get to know them and how you can contribute.

Anguilla Red Cross

The mission of the Anguilla Red Cross is to voluntarily and impartially, provide support and relief to the vulnerable in our communities, empowering them through education and training to prepare for and respond to crisis.

P.O. Box 1475, The Valley,
Anguilla B.W.I AI-2640

For further information please contact us at (264)497-0406

Anguilla Progressive Association of New York

You can utilise APANY which recently established a website for sending relief to Anguilla post Hurricane Irma. We will continue to update as information becomes available.

Bloom’s Anguilla Relief Aid Fund

This fundraising intiative is giving Anguillians the freedom to use raised funds in the local economy on the items they need.


Arijah Children’s Foundation

Arijah Children’s Foundation is a non-profit foundation serving Anguilla’s children with special needs since 2006.

Donations may be made online via our website or mail a check payable to:

Arijah Children’s Foundation
P.O. Box 1634, The Valley,
Anguilla B.W.I AI-2640

For further information please contact us at (264)235-2742

D.O.V.E Centre

The D.O.V.E Centre (Developing Our Vision for Education) was established in 2012. The centre is focused on providing Life Skills to primary-aged students with severe and profound disabilities.

Contributions can be forwarded to the address below. Cheques can be made payable to: D.O.V.E Centre – A.A.P.S

Mrs. Violet Martin
c/o Alwyn Allison Primary School
P.O. Box 60, The Valley, Anguilla

For further information please contact us at (264)497-7848 / (264)497-6721

Anguilla Tennis Academy

The Anguilla Tennis Academy has been promoting youth development and the advancement of tennis in Anguilla for 20+ years. They have contributed significantly through the provision of academic scholarships.

The students who have benefited from this scholarship have excelled in tennis as well as academically and continue to make Anguilla proud.

Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF)

Thanks to the voluntary services and monetary contributions, the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) continues to find homes for animals on island and abroad.

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