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Hats and Heels Womens Week Anguilla

The ballroom of CuisinArt Resort and Spa was graced with over 100 successful women who were accentuated by their beautiful hats and heels worn at the annual Hats and Heels lunch on March 3rd, 2019 – part of the annual Women’s Week celebrations.   View this post on Instagram  

The junior and senior calypso monarch show held on Tuesday, August 7th left people in amazement, as per usual! With 8 competitive junior contenders and 9 ever-ready senior performers the crowd was well entertained. Also, much regards to the stellar host for that night; Old Man Nuncy, accompanied by The

J'ouvert Anguilla 2018 Anguilla Flag

On any normal day, the route for J’ouvert, from the Valley to Sandy Ground, may seem long but add Exodus HD, Infusion XL, Pantha Vibes International (PVI), Frontline Band, DJs, water trucks, powder, paint and, not to forget, rum and everyone had ‘nuff’ energy and power! Could you imagine the

Exodus HD Heavy Business Release

Listening party. It’s a new concept for Anguilla – in a sense. The precedent set long ago was that the ears of the anxious fans were to be blessed when song and album releases were done live at one of Anguilla’s local radio stations. This year, however, Exodus HD meant

Anguilla Cup Tennis Championships

The Valley, Anguilla, December 18, 2017…..The Anguilla Tourist Board is pleased to welcome the second annual International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior Championships, which will take place at the Anguilla Tennis Academy from January 13-20, 2018. This tournament is the result of a dynamic partnership initiated by the Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB)

Yes She Can Anguilla Relief

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” The words burst unbidden from my mouth when I spotted my mode of transport to Anguilla from St Maarten on September 23rd, 2017. This wasn’t my first visit to Anguilla, so I knew I’d have to take a boat across, but I was not

Hurricane Irma might have ruffled our feathers but we’ll shake it off and it definitely won’t dampen our will to succeed as a country. We as Anguillians are prepared to take this ‘setback’ to prepare for a ‘major comeback’. Here are some things Hurricane Irma taught us and others things

Hurricane Irma Anguilla Lillies

Hurricanes are no strangers to the Caribbean but, Hurricane Irma 2017 was not your usual hurricane! There are annual occurrences of these natural disasters usually within the Atlantic Hurricane Season – June 1st to November 30th. However, the most active period of the season begins closer to the end of

“Find out what happens when top deejays from around the world are marooned on a desert island!” Did you miss it the first time? Will you miss it the second time around?! I bet you not! Recalling the mellow, intimate parties to the hype and crazy ones; take me back!

2017 Anguilla Boat Race Tactics Hard Lee Real Deal Blue Bird

A captain is as good as his crew but the fusion of a well-crafted boat, a strategic captain, a cooperative crew and favourable weather makes for an exceptional racing day in Anguilla! Let me prove to you why the builders of Anguilla’s race boats, their captains and crew deserve accolades