Exodus HD “Heavy Business” – reclaiming the road from release to Parade

Listening party. It’s a new concept for Anguilla – in a sense. The precedent set long ago was that the ears of the anxious fans were to be blessed when song and album releases were done live at one of Anguilla’s local radio stations.

This year, however, Exodus HD meant “Heavy Business” when they left the beaten path and ‘climbed the mountains’ by launching their album, Heavy Business, through a listening party as they strive to reclaim the Road March title for Anguilla Summer Festival 2018. But, what really is a listening party?

Exodus HD Heavy Business Release
Exodus HD Heavy Business Release

It’s a common practice around the world where true fans and supporters are invited to have a first listen to an artiste’s latest work. Puff has done it, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have done it and, J-Cole did it from his childhood home that was foreclosed and he later bought.

The secret behind a successful listening party is the combination of:

  1. A suitable venue
  2. A unique theme
  3. Giveaways

The venue, IWAS Grounds in The Valley, catered to the thirst for new music from eager fans which was quenched with a mix of riddim and rum – a potent recipe for MAS. The tone was especially set as vibrant lights flooded the surrounding area as DJ Jeanie hyped up the crowd.

Exodus HD Heavy Business Release

But, even more so, the theme behind the entire listening party was Exodus HD’s reaffirmation to their fans of their commitment to reclaim the title as Roach March Champs for 2018. It incorporated spirited dance moves by the band members as they came up front and centre performing dance moves for one of their songs, “Dancing”.

Exodus HD Heavy Business Release
Exodus HD Heavy Business Release

Exodus HD Heavy Business Release

This opportunity allowed fans to jump up and join in dancing, hugging and toasting to an incredible album.

To add to the experience, a visiting couple made a guest appearance as the wife was serenaded with the “Happy Birthday Song” by her enthusiastic husband and the attendees.

I mentioned that giveaways make for a great listening party… giveaways make everything better – especially if you’re in it to win it. But, when one of your giveaways is a mini fridge or cases of Captain Morgan rum or Coors Lights, then, you have the icing on the whole cake for the Anguilla Carnival season!

Exodus HD

The following day, radio listeners tuned in to Klass FM had the chance to listen to the new album and it has been playing ever since.

Join them on the road “Dancing” for J’ouvert and Parade of Troupes and play your part in helping them secure the road march title!

What’s your favourite song from the “Heavy Business” album? “Dancing” is a top contender for me!

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