FitDish, Your 80/20 to a Healthier You

    It has been proven that no matter how hard you work out you can’t outwork a bad diet.”
FitDish caters to the career woman/man or gym enthusiast or just someone interested in living a healthier lifestyle, who just doesn’t have the time or know-how to create their daily balanced meals.

The official launch was held at Tea Box Lounge where guests were given a brief run through of what the company offers while tasting a few treats. Two of the guests even took part in a Chopped, FitDish Edition which highlighted some of the foods that can be used to create a healthy meal.

FitDish Anguilla
FitDish Anguilla

FitDish Anguilla Lisa Rey
Founder, Countess ‘Lisa’ Rey

The business, which is the brainchild of Countess ‘Lisa’ Rey, was piloted since November of 2017.

Lisa is a ISSA Certified Fitness Nutritionist with a passion for cooking and also holds a BSc in Marketing with honors.

FitDish offers healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner options, at affordable prices.

Menus are changed weekly and are labelled with the nutritional values (protein, fats, carbs and their caloric values).

Yes! You have the choice of having your FitDish delivered or you can pick it up at the FitDish (upstairs the former Curry House).

Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases

The company has added and coined the tagline ‘Your 80/20’ which means 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent physical activity. It has been proven that no matter how hard you work out you can’t outwork a bad diet.

Another known fact is the rise of Non-Communicable diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.) on the island which has been linked to poor nutrition.

FitDish Anguilla

With the above in mind, the Founder/Head Chef decided to create a company that tackles this issue knowing that one of the greatest challenges for anyone looking to achieve a much healthier lifestyle is that sometimes meals tend to be boring and monotonous.

She hopes with the introduction of this healthy meal prep service, that she will be able to tackle the growing rate of Non-Communicable Diseases as well as generate an awareness of the importance of proper nutrition in our lives.

Health Conscious & Environmentally Friendly

While working on trying to encourage much healthier eating choices, the company is also trying to tackle the effects that businesses have on climate change. The company hopes to do so by plating all meals in eco-friendly boxes as well as bagging them in recycled and biodegradable bags.

A post shared by FitDishAxa (@fitdishaxa) on

A post shared by FitDishAxa (@fitdishaxa) on

The Founder is aware she is just in the infancy stages and may only be able to make a minor contribution in this area, but is hopeful that she can somewhat encourage other business to adopt the same route.

Meals can be ordered by visiting the website and browsing through the menu and selecting the dishes that meet their preferences/goals.

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