How to get to Anguilla via Air or Sea?

You can fly into Anguilla via neighbouring islands or take a small cruise or your own private yacht. Whatever you choose, getting to Anguilla is worth it all.

Find out what you need to do to get to and experience what we do in Anguilla below or, read about how visitors from around the world make their journey to paradise.

Travelling to Anguilla via Ferry

This 30-minute ferry ride requires a bus or taxi ride from the PJIA, on the Dutch side, to the Marigot Ferry Terminal, on the French side.

The ferries run all day – from 7:30am to 6:00pm (departing Anguilla). The last return ferry to Anguilla departs St. Martin at 7:00pm. Ferries run approximately every 45 minutes.

Regular one-way fare is US$20 for adults and children twelve years and older while children under twelve years old pay US$10.

Anguilla Ferry Schedule

Departure times may vary by provider and may change over time.

From Anguilla to St. Martin From St. Martin to Anguilla

Boating to Anguilla

Many visitors travel to Anguilla year-round on catamarans, small cruises and mega yachts. Customs and immigration procedures are carried out at the mainly at the Road Bay office but also at Blowing Point.

After the paperwork is completed, yachts have the leisure to lay idle in our many bays and offshore cays. Day cruises and sunset sailing is also available. Be sure to observe rules as it relates to mooring and anchorage.

FAQs on Getting to Anguilla

What do I need to enter Anguilla?

Travellers entering Anguilla require a passport valid beyond departure date and a return/onward ticket.

For a list of countries requiring visas to enter Anguilla view the visa requirements list. UK visa holders are not required to apply for a visa to enter Anguilla. Persons traveling on Diplomatic Passports are exempted from having a UK Visa to enter Anguilla.

Visit a British consulate for visa applications. Find a British Consulate near you.

What’s the best way to get to Anguilla?

The main way to get to Anguilla is via a flight to the Princess Julianna International Airport in Sint Maarten and a ferry or charter boat to Blowing Point, Anguilla.

The Anguilla-Sint Maarten Ferry Terminal (on the Dutch side, near the airport) offers a seamless transition from the airport to the dock and to Anguilla. You can contact GB Express, Calypso Charters or Link Ferry for scheduling your boat transfer.

However, you can opt to fly to Anguilla via regional or local carriers from Sint Maarten, Antigua, St. Kitts or Puerto Rico.
Anguilla Travel GB Express Ferry

What are the tax and immigration fees to get to/from Anguilla?

Departure tax applies to all locals and tourists, 12 years and older, departing Anguilla through the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal.

Day Trippers and residents of Anguilla & St. Martin/St. Maarten: US$5 Departure Tax + US$3 Security Fee per person
Tourists (12 years and older): US$20 Departure Tax + US$3 Security Fee per person
Children Under 12 years: only the US$3 Security Fee

There is a US$5 Passenger Levy for each person that travels to the dutch side. Departure Tax from St. Maarten is US$5.

Getting around Anguilla

If you’re up for a little exercise, you can opt to walking as your means of transportation. However, it is important to note that sidewalks are only available in The Valley, be cautious when walking on the side of the roads.
Take a taxi
Taxis are available at the seaport and airport or can be called if you have their number or ask the conceirge. Fares are fixed based on the zone being traveled to/from.
Drive yourself

Car rental agencies can be found on arrival at the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal. A valid driver’s license must be provided to receive a temporary local license for US$20. For a smooth transition from port to car, it is advised to reserve a car in advance.

Driving is on the left with average acceptable speed limit island-wide is 30 mph. Be mindful of all traffic signals, speed bumps, pedestrians and animals – especially goats.

Anguilla Car Rental Options

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