Hurricane Irma Updates

With Hurricane Irma gone, Anguilla is steadily recuperating. Electricity is increasingly becoming available. Goods and services are on stream and Anguillians are working with regional and international agencies to get back to a position of normalcy.

With the introduction of the Anguilla Tourist Board’s dedicated Post Hurricane Irma site, we have decided to discontinue updates through this page. Please visit the ATB’s site for updates and follow us on Facebook for additional content.

Here are some updates in post Hurricane Irma:

Governor Tim Foy speaks on one month Anniversary post Hurricane Irma

Students & teachers of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School show resilience post Hurricane Irma

Reopening of schools

**Date Change: October 9th, 2017**

Dates and times of when school commences

Campus B & A: October 2nd, 2017

1st Form – 2nd Form: 7:00am – 11:30am
4th Form & 5th Form: 12:30pm – 5:10pm
6th Form: 8:15am – 3:00pm

*3rd Form: 7:00 am – 11:30am (commencing October 4th, 2017)

Public Primary Schools and Pre-Schools: October 4th, 2017

Anguilla Community College: October 9th, 2017

School arrangements

Alwyn Allison Primary School

  • The repairs are close to completion.
  • Classes will be held in classrooms as normal.

Adrian T. Hazell Primary School

  • Classrooms will be doubled for this academic year. Some classes will be partitioned and in some case scenario two teachers.
  • Returning to school from 8:25am – 3:00pm.
  • As to parents’ concern, classrooms aimed for demolition will be down for before students return.

Valley Primary School

  • For buildings that had complete structural damage, they will be completely demolished as they were up for a couple decades.
  • Team teaching will also be done at this school.
  • Upstairs of Ashley’s Supermarket in The Valley will be utilised while teams get phase 2 and 3 completed for the school.

Orelia Kelly Primary School

  • Students will be returning to their normal classrooms.
  • There was a lot of damage done to the auditorium and it will be a longer project to fix.

Morris Vanterpool Primary School

  • Due to structural issues, students will be relocated to rental facilities of James ‘Jim Lewis’ Hodge (3 buildings) for about 1 academic year.

Vivien Vanterpool Primary School

  • No damage to teaching areas.
  • The site mainly needs cleaning and repairs are very close to finish.
  • Relocation for reading, music and community building of the gazebo will be taken place to ensure the students have a safe place to use.

ALHCS Campus B

  • The little damage done was cleaned up in a short period of time.

Rodney McArthur Rey Auditorium

  • This building will not be used at all until it is fixed, as it has suffered extensive damage.
  • All auditoriums will be tackled as soon as students are back in school as that is priority.

ALHCS Campus A

  • Areas of the campus will be demolished. Demolition will not be completed before school commences but a barricade will be used to separate the demolition parts from the rest of the useable parts of the school.


  • There will be generators at all schools.
  • Students are required to come in uniform. If there is an issue in doing so, parents are expected to contact the principals and state the issue so that they can work on resolving it.
  • Bus services will be transporting only secondary students due to differences in time. Only 2 buses are fully operational but, there have been attempts on getting a 3rd bus fixed – there are thoughts on renting buses from SJMC is being organised.
  • The DOVE programme is scheduled to resume like normal.
  • The W.I.S.E building is being relocated.
  • The Registrar of the Education Department of Anguilla will be writing to CXC to request 3 things – reduction in subject fees, reduction in the SBAs and finally, this year being the first year to have an English SBA, a request will be made to have an alternative paper instead.

A hearty thank you goes out to all persons who assisted in any way in regards of the schools and betterment of the students.

Blowing Point Port Temporarily Reopened

The Anguilla Air And Sea Ports Authority Movement Of St. Maarten And Anguillian Nationals And Residents Between Anguilla (Blowing Point Port) And St. Maarten (Simpson Bay Police Station Dock) From Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Board, Management and Staff of the Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority (AASPA) would like to inform the travelling public that the Blowing Point Ferry Port will temporarily resume operations on a limited basis from Thursday, 28 September 2017. The Port will be open from 9am until 4pm.

Daily, a vessel will depart the Blowing Point Port at 9:45am and depart St. Maarten at 2:45pm. In conjunction with the St. Maarten (Dutch) authorities, it is agreed that travel between St. Maarten and Anguilla will be limited to the following:

  • To St. Maarten from Anguilla – St. Maarten nationals and residents living/visiting in Anguilla who wish to return to St. Maarten; or
  • Passengers in Anguilla who are transferring through St. Maarten for departure to another destination must have a copy of their travel itinerary available to the St. Maarten Immigration agent; and
  • To Anguilla from St. Maarten – Anguilla nationals and residents (living/visiting/intransit) in St. Maarten who wish to return to Anguilla.

The AASPA is very cognizant and sensitive to the devastation left by Hurricane Irma on both islands and seeks the understanding and patience of the general public in complying with these travel guidelines.

Travellers who fit the specifications above and wish to travel from Anguilla to St. Maarten should contact Mr. Rosmond Davis of Calypso Charters at 1-264-476-8504. Nationals and residents of Anguilla living/visiting/in-transit in St. Maarten who wish to travel to Anguilla should contact Ms. Jasmin Rondi, Agent for Calypso Charters at 1-721-554-3188.

Additionally, persons in Anguilla who do not fit the specifications above, but have cargo in St. Maarten to be picked up, should also contact Mr. Davis to make arrangements.

For further information, please contact the Blowing Point Port Manager, Mr. Joseph Rogers at 1-264-584- 9643 or 1-264-476-9643 as the usual departure fees are applicable.

The AASPA wishes to thank the St. Maarten authorities, the Customs and Immigration agencies in Anguilla and all other parties for their diligence and patience as we move our island and its services back to a state of normalcy. NOTE: The regular ferry service between Anguilla and St. Martin remains inoperable until further notice.

Businesses Open post Hurricane Irma
You can find a list of businesses open post Hurricane Irma here.

Open businesses in Anguilla

Anguilla Electricity Company Progress

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