How to Join Anguilla Parade of Troupes

Anguilla Summer Festival is back for yet another consecutive year. Pageants, bands and troupes are ready for the show and it will be an unforgettable year!

Speaking of troupes, it has to be one of the most enticing and eagerly anticipated occasions of the Summer Festival.

Can you imagine how ecstatic the revellers must feel; from the scheduled practices to show time on parade day? Must be rousing! Not to mention, the numerous creative and vibrant display of costumes.

These males and females bring picturesque scenery around the central part of the island while jammin’ to the blasting music of the bands. Persons on the side lines bounce to the sweet melody while others join in the shebang. Thrilling, indeed.

How to join a troupe

  1. Choose from the troupes listed
  2. Find your favourite costumes
  3. Sign up using the forms
  4. Submit to the organizers

If you have ever been part of a troupe, tell us what the experience was like in the comments section below.

Upcoming Anguilla Summer Festival Events

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