J’ouvert’s Road Rage – 6 Hours Of Pure Bacchanal

Countdown to the 2018 Anguilla Summer Festival

2022 Anguilla Summer Festival

Fete is feteee! And if it’s one thing that nobody cares to watch you for, it’s j’ouvert! Everyone’s minding their own or minding whooo they’re on! J’ouvert’s probably one of the only times when persons careth nottt to be all clustered! But, who can blame them?

Feting from The Valley to Sandy Ground? Not a problem! As a matter of fact, for persons like myself, it may even be a work out that you didn’t know you had the energy for! But, energized by ‘di riddim’, you wouldn’t even feel the tiredness until you hit the beach!


There were three judging points for road march; Napa in The Valley, George Hill, and at the Tomac Plaza; that was the bands’ time to give the people what they wanted and come hard in order to win the coveted title! We had P.V.I., Earthlite (with P.V.I.), Infusion XL along with Big Rash (2017 FLOW Soca Rave winner in both categories), and Exodus HD. They brought Wet Fete to the road! Nothing but water, powder, paint, hands in the sky and waist in ya face!


When Exodus played, feters had no choice but to “open de gap” and let Exodus get in dey! And who could’ve resisted shaking their “tambourine” when Infusion’s hot up in the scene?! The most captivating point for most (by the looks of it, that is) was at Tomac Plaza, where some of Infusion’s members climbed atop the first storey of the building.

They definitely made sure people would “look we over here!” As for Exodus’ “When last a water bust in ya face?!”, well, with the amount of water the water truck was spouting at the time, it was right there and then! As the truck stopped “making it rain” we were left to “take dis, take dat, watap!”


Worry not about being hungry and having to take a pit stop. There were vendors around every block selling munchies to satisfy you and liquids to hydrate you. Have your breakfast, your drink, and your work out too!


Every year it has had a set of persons who’d dress a little more extra than the rest; wearing such whimsical outfits! This year was KOTN’s very own in a blown up suit with their bobble head headwear in all yellow, as if it was powered by the sun; it surely seemed at the rate of their feting!


Finally, the ‘hardest’ part of the experience was the hill on the way down to the ending point of Sandy Ground. Be cautious on pelting waist before you end up face down and waist hoisted all the way up, literally! But, you can consider that as a suh-malll thing when the road is once again flat. *Resume the bacchanal* With the road massacre coming to an end at Sandy Ground, the fun is followed by the most anticipated event, the August Monday Caribbean Beach Party!

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