Kel’s Candy, Celebrating 10 Years of Sugary Goodness

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     Kel’s Candy & Ice-Cream, a happy place where families and friends can come to unwind and help themselves to inexpensive treats, proudly celebrates 10 years.’
— Kelva Lindo, Owner
The interest and love for all things confectionery started for Kelva Lindo, the owner of Kel’s Candy & Ice-cream, as a child. While attending Road Primary School, she began selling Pals, Chiclets and mints during her break and lunch periods.

Her inspiration back then was controlled by passion – to see other kids’ faces light up with the indulgence of sweets, and of course by money – money to purchase pens, pencils and other supplies that she needed for use at school. She continued selling these items also for a short time while she attended Secondary School.


However, when she became employed, she picked back up her passion and began selling miniature chocolates, candies and potato chips from the drawer of her desk. Business was booming – everyone came to see her because she had the ‘good stuff’. As time moved on, her customers began to ask for different items. Eventually, as she added new items to her stock, she outgrew her desk. Then… she started thinking BIG!




It was in or about 2006 when she asked herself, “Are you ready to grow and become an entrepreneur? Would people support your business and come in to purchase candies and gum? Do you have what it takes to manage a business and be successful?”

She discussed the idea with her mother, Vonetter Richardson, who expressed her support for her business venture. And… just like that, they began making plans to build a shop that would house her Candy Store as well as her mother’s bridal store.


“What about ice cream?! You should sell ice cream in addition to the confectionery!”, her mother exclaimed. At that time, Kelva didn’t know the first thing about ice cream, but she quickly came to terms with the idea and began doing research about the equipment, supplies and ice cream suppliers to make her business idea a reality.



Kel’s Candy & Ice-cream now offers a large variety of ice cream; chocolates and confectionery; hotdogs; milkshakes; smoothies; popcorn; cake; beverages; nuts; ice; party supplies; toys and of course the Kel’s hospitality.

Expansion on the horizon?

In the next ten (10) years, she envisions growing with outlets in other countries and enhancing her customers’ happy experience. With the right tools and information to make good and sound decisions, there is no reason for her to believe she cannot do it.

Every year she makes improvements and/or expands, so stay tuned to see what’s next. She promises you’ll love it.




“First and foremost, we thank you wholeheartedly for your continued patronage during the last ten (10) years. We appreciate you. Secondly, get rid of the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and replace it with “an ice cream a day, makes you happy as candy. We will give you a minute to let that sink in.

But seriously, if you are looking to get decked out with all sorts of deliciousness, you will be happy to know we are located at North Hill, Anguilla and open 7 days a week.  Come see us at Kel’s. It’s a sweet thing…”

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