Get Ready For The Highlight of November (Date changed to January); Livin’ In The Sun v2.0!

“Find out what happens when top deejays from around the world are marooned on a desert island!”

Did you miss it the first time? Will you miss it the second time around?! I bet you not! Recalling the mellow, intimate parties to the hype and crazy ones; take me back! You know it’s that good when you can vibe to just about any of the music that played throughout; from deejay to deejay in the night or day!

Anguilla’s known for attracting persons from everywhere in the world, so, as you can expect, there were quite a number of people who came just for Livin’ In The Sun (LITS)! It was an awe to see everyone having a good time and not having a problem with switching up the atmosphere from subtle to party. The food was great, the hospitality was great, music was poppin’ and the setting was just right! Everything came together well. All in all, LITS is more than just a festival; it showcased art, culture and the making of unforgettable memories in Anguilla.

This year’s bound to be bigger and better. It’s a global experience! From November 24-26 2017 (due to Hurricane Irma, the date has been changed to January 5-7,2018), let the music take you away by Deejays such as Supernova Italy, Vivi Seixas from Brazil, Fabich from Germany,  Spirits in Motion from USA, Kristelle Morin from Australia, Robbo Ranx from UK, a widely acclaimed saxophonist from St. Barths and  Deejay Yooshe, Sparta and Black Phoenix from Anguilla!

But, that’s not all! Sandy Island Enterprises has more in store for you to enjoy! They made a pledge to bring forth the most exciting, innovative World Dance Music Festival yet!  Don’t let people tell you about it, experience it for yourself and “find out what happens when top deejays from around the world are marooned on a desert island”!

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