2020 What We Do In Anguilla

The 2020 What We Do In Anguilla Official Island Guide marks 30 years since the introduction of Anguilla’s first full-colour magazine.

The theme for the 2020 edition is based on what we deem as the most important reason why so many gravitate to the island – its people. As such, it is only right that the theme is “At the Centre of What We Do… People!”. In accordance with this theme, we decided to go with a dial-like collage. This dial may just rotate *hint hint*!

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#IAMWWDIA Campaign

The theme for the 2020 WWDIA is “At the Centre of What We Do… People”. That’s why we came up with the “I Am What We Do In Anguilla” (#IAMWWDIA) – to highlight what people do to make Anguilla the extraordinary place that it is!

This edition features 6 amazing people/organisations who contribute to the development of Anguilla across a number of sectors –

  • Entertainment – O’leary Richardson
  • Culinary – Jamone Hodge
  • Fishing – Vaughn Rogers
  • Small Business – FeedMeASAP
  • Visual Art – Carmel Gumbs
  • Sports – Anguilla All-Stars Athletic Club

Their stories will be told through print and video (videos released throughout 2020). Let their stories serve as motivation for you to make a meaningful contribution to Anguilla’s future.

Ultimately, I Am, You Are, We Are What We Do In Anguilla as each and every one of us impact our little island.

Share your story or that of someone you know with us on Facebook and Instagram – use #IAMWWDIA and tag us.

Events and Activities to match your preference

Anguilla offers a wide variety of events and activities ranging from music to sports.

Furthermore, high caliber cultural events such as the Anguilla Summer Festival and Festival Del Mar express the uniqueness of the island, its history, and people.

Take your curiosity and find Anguilla events and activities that are right for you!

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