2023 What We Do In Anguilla Official Island Guide

Welcome to Anguilla – where we prioritise friendly greetings and togetherness. As an island of approximately 15,000 people, it is justified to think that everyone knows everyone and, with that comes a sense of pride and passion for our country.

Getting to Anguilla has become more accessible with new direct flights from the US mainland and improved infrastructure such as the newly built Blowing Point Ferry Terminal.

Access the myriad of possibilities available to you. Immerse yourself in our culture and heritage so when you leave, you leave with a similar sense of pride that we have for our country and a wealth of experiences to share with your family and friends!

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Events and Activities to match your preference

Anguilla offers a wide variety of events and activities ranging from music to sports.

Furthermore, high calibre cultural events such as the Anguilla Summer Festival and Festival Del Mar express the uniqueness of the island, its history, and people.

Take your curiosity and find Anguilla events and activities that are right for you!

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