Marine Parks and Mooring Areas

Anguilla has seven officially recognized marine protected areas, six of which form the Marine Park System that has been established to conserve ecologically important areas around the island:

  • Little Bay houses extensive seagrass beds, and
  • Dog Island, Prickly Pear, Sandy Island, and Shoal Bay-Island Harbour possess valuable coral reef ecosystems.

The seventh area, Sombrero Island, is a land-sea reserve with rich marine life and of terrestrial heritage value.

Anchoring is restricted in all these areas in an effort to reduce physical damage to their habitats.

To facilitate compliance with this regulation the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources have installed and maintained mooring fields at Little Bay, Sandy Island and Prickly Pear.

To ensure the longevity of these moorings, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources asks that users treat these moorings in an appropriate manner and contribute to their maintenance by paying the appropriate user fee.

Conditions of Mooring Buoy Use and Marine Park Regulations

  • All Vessels must legally meet Anguilla Customs and Immigration requirements
  • Before applying for a Marine Park Mooring Permit applicants must have clearance forms in their possession
  • No vessel over 65ft in length may use the mooring buoys
  • The discharging of any bilge or sewage or the dumping of any form of litter or pollutant into the water is strictly prohibited
  • All Marine Park moorings are for DAY USE ONLY (6.00am to 7.00pm daily)
  • Visitors are not permitted to fish within Marine Park boundaries
  • No flora, fauna or artifact found within any of the Marine Parks may be removed or damaged
  • Activities that may lead to the damage of any flora, fauna, or artifact found within any of the Marine Parks is prohibited
  • Water Skiing or Jetskiing is not allowed in any of Anguilla’s waters
  • Do not build any fires on any of Anguilla’s beaches

Any person who contravenes any of these conditions is liable on summary conviction to a fine of EC$5,000.00 and/or a 6 month term in prison.

How to Use Mooring Buoys

  • Approach the mooring buoy slowly
  • Do not attach the pickup line or eye directly to a cleat on your boat
  • Use your own dock line and pass it through the eye of the pickup line
  • Secure both ends of your dock line to a cleat on your boat
  • Remember that when less pressure is placed on the mooring, both the scope and resilience of the system is increased

Things to remember

  • Anchoring in the Marine Parks is permitted ONLY in specially designated sandy areas
  • Absolutely NO anchoring in Little Bay
  • All money collected is used for mooring buoy maintenance and other coral reef and seagrass bed protection activity

Mooring and Cruising Permit Fees for Foreign Vessels (EC$)
Anguilla Mooring Permit FeesMooring Buoy Colour Code

YELLOW Vessels Under 40ft

WHITE Vessels Under 65f

RED Anguillian Licensed Dive Operators Only


Although the moorings are the property of the Government of Anguilla, the Government will not bear the responsibility for any loss or injury resulting from the use of the mooring system.

All buoys are used at users risk. Please help to keep the moorings safe and report any defects immediately to the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

List of Anguilla Anchorages

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