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Miss Anguilla Queen Pageant 2017 contestants
Miss Anguilla Queen Pageant 2017 contestants

From the brilliance and eloquence of all four Miss Anguilla contestants – who expressed the remarkable impact the 1967 Revolution had on Anguilla and their lives – to the rich Anguillian culture channelled through stylish, modern and intricate ensembles for cultural, costume and evening wear – the Miss Anguilla Queen Pageant 2017 epitomised the strength of women (a combination of Beauty, Brains and Body) as Regal, Resilient, Revolutionised Women.

Fifty years ago, brave and patriotic Anguillians fought to sever a union between St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla. Their success can be significantly attributed to their resilience and determination as well as the help of many heroic and tenacious women during the 1967 Revolution. These women can be said to have paved a new path for women in Anguilla – one that allowed future generations of Anguillian women to have more opportunities in life.

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The qualities of these revolutionary women in 1967 still lie in the hearts of Anguillian women in 2017. This year’s Miss Anguilla Pageant 2017, under the theme “Reflections of Paradise: Revolutionary Women, 50 years later,” was a monumental show as four revolutionary women showcased their intellect, talent and poise and shared with us their great aspirations.

Who were the four ambitious young ladies? Who were the role models of Anguilla who graced the stage of the Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre on August 9th 2017? Who are these revolutionary women?




Miss Anguilla, Contestant #4, Aliyah Alfred, Best Evening Wear
Contestant #4, Aliyah Alfred, Best Dress

Standing tall and regally so, Contestant #1: Miss Marynka Ruan; Contestant #2, Miss Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers; Contestant #3, Miss Aoife Gumbs and Contestant #4, Miss Aliyah Alfred competed in six judged segments: Introductory Speech; Cultural Wear; Talent; Swimsuit; Costume; Evening Wear and Interview.

Anguilla’s Revolutionised Talents

Since the life changing revolution in 1967, the contestants and countless Anguillians have been afforded the opportunity for immense self-development. The four contestants showed, through their astounding talents, how times have changed and Anguillians too. They showcased their God-given talents in forms of spoken word, singing, acting and playing the traditional Caribbean instrument, steel pan.  Performing passionate spoken word, Miss Marynka Ruan won best talent.

Miss Anguilla Star Quality Designs
Star Quality Designs

Let’s Go for a Swim!

Modelling in stunning bathing suits with vibrant colours, elaborate cut outs, and glitter, the stage came alive. Unveiling their toned bodies, the four ladies walked confidently and skilfully over all angles of the stage to upbeat songs – in high heels might I add! They should be commended for their outstanding performance. Miss Dee-Ann Rogers donned a stunning leopard print, cut out whole piece bathing suit and ‘owned it’ and claimed the titles of Best Swimsuit and Best Swimsuit Fitness!

Miss Anguilla, Omari Gumbs
Omari Gumbs
Miss Anguilla, Boss and the Horse Power Band
Boss and the Horse Power Band

Playing Mas in Costume!

Wiggy (of Infusion XL) was not the only person who was happy that it was carnival time again! The four contestants displayed their joy as they paraded across the stage jumping and dancing in elaborate costumes.

Contestants were judged based on the craftsmanship, portability, creativity amongst other criteria for this segment. Utilising the hot summer hits from the various Anguillian bands, they danced and played mas on stage.

Miss Aliyah Alfred captured best costume presentation. She worked the stage fully – feting freely in her beautiful costume that depicted Anguilla’s signatures – Rainbow City and the three dolphins. Simply put, she shelled down the stage!





Elegance at its best!

Dazzling and certainly dressed for the part, the contestants wore fiery red and dreamy blue. Their dresses were adorned with appliqués, crystals, sheer and sophisticated designs.  They floated across the stage elegantly and looked magnificent! Wearing a form-fitting, fierce red dress, accentuated with crystals in a detailed design. Miss Aliyah Alfred also won best Evening Wear.


For a warm up, all four contestants were given a question based on the information from their biographies and then, were asked to answer questions about issues faced in Anguilla such as in areas of development and gender roles/equality.

Testing the ability to answer on the spot, some contestants edged others out with their confidence, assertiveness and fluency.  Miss Aoife Gumbs answered her question with no stutter or second thoughts which allowed her to win Best Interview.

The Results – Miss Anguilla Queen 2017

A pageant with four revolutionary women was surely an intriguing and very competitive show. As they competed for the esteemed title, overall, the ladies delivered stellar performances.

There can only be one winner… Miss Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers was crowned Miss Anguilla 2017 – a feat accomplished by her outstanding performances and her consistency throughout the pageant. Miss Aoife Gumbs also performed well throughout the pageant and received 1st runner up position.

2017 Miss Anguilla Queen Contestants
Photo: Jerome Dupont
Miss Anguilla 2017-2018, Miss Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers
Miss Anguilla 2017-2018, Miss Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers

We wish the newly crowned Miss Anguilla, Miss Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers the very best on her journey!

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