Guitarists, Tulles & Blue-green sequins at Miss Tiny Tott Pageant 2017

First and foremost, the kiddies! Miss Tiny Tott Pageant 2017 with seven irresistible cuties! This was the first pre-event for Carnival. The village was ram packed meaning the contestants were very well supported! The show was themed ‘Under the Sea’ and it consisted of 5 segments; introductory speech, children’s costumes of the deep blue sea, talent, children’s dream profession and princess evening wear.

Vie Contestants

The seven brave young ladies competing for the title Miss Tiny Tott; Ismarlin Fajardo, Keronique Harrigan, Kyanee Rogers, Emantra Irish, Tasheki Adams, Asheda Rogers, and Alannis Hodge.

Introductory Speech

With every ounce of charisma and the bubbliest personalities, the girls spoke as confidently as they could, selling themselves to the listening audience and keen judges.

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Children’s Costumes of the Deep Blue Sea

If you think that your last New Year’s Eve dress was blinding then you sure didn’t see those costumes! Most wore jumpsuits covered in sequins bright enough to be seen from miles away!

They also complemented them with fins, corals, sea shells, and creatures of the sea! Ms. Kyanee Rogers stood out by her spunky attitude! She definitely worked that costume as she shook what her momma’ gave her!


Dancers, actresses, singers, and even guitar players are in our midst! At such a young age, these girls came out to show out! Contestant #7, Alannis Hodge surprised the audience!

Who would’ve expected a 9 year old girl to be able to play an electric guitar…blindfolded?! She even held it behind her head and played without being phased. Man, did she make it look it easy!

Children’s Dream Profession

Ambition is priceless and as every blooming child they have a dream job! The future of Anguilla just might have in some new choreographers, dentists, and doctors! They all portrayed their desired profession splendidly.

Princess Evening Wear

Pampered from head to tie, dressed in gowns with tulles so full and elegant. ‘Suh-lay, girl!’ was all that I could’ve uttered out. They walked with grace and poise as a young lady should.

During the event, there were slight showers of rain at certain times but you could bet that it didn’t stop those determined ‘little mermaids’. Eyes on the prize! But as vibrant as all contestants were, one of them had the edge! That was Kyanee Rogers ending with the most priceless face expression!

Watch the LIVE Stream from the 2017 Miss Tiny Tott Pageant

Tiny Tott 2017

Posted by What We Do In Anguilla on Sunday, July 16, 2017


Posted by What We Do In Anguilla on Sunday, July 16, 2017

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