Anguilla Businesses Open/Closing for low Season

The low season is upon us (between August – October) and, the question is “What do we do in Anguilla now?”. Around this time, the water is clearer, the sun is brighter and, you can still come and enjoy what the island has to offer – it’s really just when some businesses take a break…

Although this is known as the “off season”, you will still find that a number of restaunrants and small accommodations such as villas remain open. After all, life for the locals continues 24/7/365!

Here’s a list of businesses and their opening/closing dates and those that will remain open for the low season if you’re considering staying between August and October.

Open/Closing for the low Season

This is not an entire list of businesses on island.


Hotels, Resorts & Villas

Belmond Cap Juluca | Re-open: October 31, 2019
Island Dream Properties | Open – (264)498-3200
Royal Palms Holiday Suites | Open – (264)235-6368
Shoal Bay Villas | Re-open: October, 2019

Restaurants, Supermarkets and Stores


Coffee O’Clock | Open – (264)497-8944
Big & Better Catering Services | Open – (264)582-1141
Da’Vida Restaurant and Bayside Bar & Grill | Closed: September 1, 2019 & Re-open: October 18, 2019
Island Bowls AXA | Open – (264)476-7937
Mango’s Restaurant | Close: July 29, 2019 & Re-open: November 1, 2019
Ruthy’s Yum Yum | Open – (264)729-5530
Straw Hat | Close: August 25, 2019 & Re-open: end of October, 2019
SunShine Shack | Close: August 15, 2019 & Re-open: Mid-October, 2019 
Tropical Sunset | Open – (264)497-2076

Supermarkets (Open)

Ashley’s Supermarket
Albert Lake’s Supermarket
Best Buy Supermarket East
Best Buy Supermarket West
JW Proctors Supermarket
The Big Store
Romcan Mini Market


International Wine & Spirits Ltd.
Merchants Market
Lake’s Wholesale
Tropical Distributors


Beach Happy | Open – (264)582-4545
Caribbean Silk Screen | Close: August 30, 2019 & Re-open: October 7, 2019
GAB’s Party Essentials | Open – (264)476-2747
Irie Life | Open – (264)497-6526
Uneek Supply | Open – (264)497-5870

Hardware/Building Supplies & Services (Open)

Anguilla Trading (Walton Fleming)
ABC Building Supplies
Pat Ban
Island Paints
Anguilla Garden Centre
C&H Windows Doors Screens
MEPITS Solutions

Things to do


Anguilla Yoga | Close: August 24, 2019 & Re-open: beginning of November, 2019


Banks (Open)

National Commercial Banks of Anguilla (NCBA) (in The Valley)
NCBA ATM (Main Branch) | Weekly – 9am-5pm


Car Rentals (Open)

AVIS Car Rental – (264)497-2642
Junie’s Car Rental – (264)584-3720
D&D Car Rental – (264)235-7178
Top Notch Car Rental – (264)584-1124
Richardson’s Car Rental – (264)498-8000
Wendell Connor’s Taxi Service and Car Rental – (264)235-5777

Boat Services (Open)

GB Express – (264)584-6205
Calypso Charters – (264)584-8504
Link Ferry Services – (264)772-4901
Public Ferry to Marigot (Ferry Schedule)

Gas Stations (Open)

Delta (in The Valley)
Delta (in Long Path)
Delta (in Blowing Point)
Anguilla Gases (in Blowing Point)
Sol Gas Station (in The Valley)
Sol Gas Station/Shine Gas Station (in West End)

Know any other businesses that are open? Comment and let us know.

FAQs on Anguilla’s low season

When does the Anguilla tourism season re-open?

The season re-opens in November annually, however, businesses that close during the low season tend to re-open mid-October.

When is the Caribbean hurricane season and how does it affect Anguilla?

The Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June 1 to November 30. For Anguilla, during this time, we receive much-needed rain with lots of sunshine in-between and, we also celebrate the Anguilla Summer Festival.

To stay abreast of weather conditions in the region, you can follow the National Hurricane Centre and the Department of Disaster Management for updates.

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