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Johnny Cake Making

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Johnny Cakes have been a part of our culture for decades. They were often prepared and shared amongst the community during jollifications. There are two types of Johnny cakes; baked and fried.

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1 review for Johnny Cake Making

  1. Stacy Mooney

    Learning to make authentic Johnny Cakes with the beautiful Miss Aggie was a dream come true! We’ve enjoyed these delicious Caribbean treats for many years and have always wanted to learn how to make them! Aggie is a phenomenal baker and instructor – her tips and techniques were fantastic! – and discovering how an outdoor rock oven works was fascinating. As you’ve probably guessed, the best part of this Quest Experience is biting into a warm, mouthwatering Johnny Cake fresh from the rock oven!! WOW!!! This special hands-on experience allowed us to step into Anguilla’s history, culture, and culinary scene. What a privilege. Thank you for sharing the recipe; now we can regularly enjoy a taste of Anguilla in our home until our next trip! We can’t wait to book more Quest Experiences soon!

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