Quest Experiences

Immersive Experiences Hosted by Locals

Katouche Hiking
& Cave Tour

Hike and Climb through Katouche – an 80-acre estate
that comprises “one of the most diverse life
experiences on Anguilla” and is often referred to as the “rainforest” of Anguilla.

Learn about the many medicinal and household uses
of plants and their many uses locally or climb
into the caves “Cavannaugh” and/or “Katouche” and
learn about the 300-500lbs rodent which once inhabited both caves.

Heritage Collection
Museum Tour

Did you know that Amerindians once populated
Anguilla? That the French, and later the British, invaded Anguilla?

What about Anguilla’s salt industry, boat building and
that phosphate was once mined on Anguilla and Sombrero?

Learn about where Anguilla came from and where we
are today from historian, Mr Colville Petty O.B.E., as
you navigate the Heritage Collection Museum.

Horseback Riding

Ride off into the sunset or the sea! Horseback riding is
a scenic and fun family-friendly experience and provides beautiful photo-ops.

Be it romance or relaxation – a horseback ride is
a surreal experience that you should have.

Deep Sea Fishing

Intertwined in Anguillian culture and livelihood is
fishing. It’s how we get fresh mahi-mahi and tuna,
wahoo and the like. With 200 nautical miles to the
North of the island, there’s a lot to explore! 

Join a local fisherman as he takes to the sea to catch
pelagic fish to meet the island’s demand for fresh fish.

Want to reel in a big one? This is the experience for you!


Scale cliffs, dive into underground pools
or trek across surreal terrain.

There is a lot to see on the road less travelled!
Trevor & Neil are ready to take you on a hike!
You’re in for an unforgettable experience!

Night Kayaking

These transparent kayaks and their neon lights
showcase a whole new underwater world in the nighttime.

From stingrays gliding through the water to turtles
sleeping in the seagrass, you’re in for some incredible
sights on this Experience!

Scuba Diving

Join Dougie and the crew for an underwater adventure.

Go the distance… and the depth to find hidden
treasures such as sunken ships which were left
to become artificial reefs, swim with turtles and see
the diverse flora and fauna of the underwater world!


Location! Location! Location!

It sets the tone and the mood for everything, especially a massage.

Be it picturesque locations or at your accommodation, release all the tension and relax.