Anguilla’s restaurant comprise an array of beach bars, roadside stalls, fine dining locations and many other great places to satisfy your taste buds. With 100+ restaurants and eateries to choose from, it’s not hard to find somewhere to eat but it may be hard making a choice.

Here’s a list of great places to eat, dine & enjoy Anguilla’s cuisine:

  1. Artisan Pizza Napoletana – Recipes and techniques meet all the requirements of true Neapolitan Pizza making and, as a result, are a member of a very exclusive worldwide club.
  2. Dad’s Bar & Grill – Anguilla’s hottest beach bar, restaurant and nightclub, Dad’s Bar & Grill; recently awarded The World Travel Awards for Leading Nightlife in Anguilla.
  3. da’Vida Beach Bar, Restaurant & Spa – Imagine the most upscale restaurant in St. Barts – a lofty, open-air, wooden building, with charm and class, plush cushions and fine fixtures.
  4. Gwen’s Reggae Bar & Grill – Gwen’s Reggae Bar & Grill is the home of sweet scratch band music, great food and the stunning view of Shoal Bay!
  5. Island Carousel Hank’s Beach Restaurant & Bar – Island Carousel Hank’s Beach Restaurant & Bar is located on the award-winning Shoal Bay East.
  6. Sandy Island Restaurant – It is quite possibly the most beautiful place one will ever visit.  A popular off island getaway, Sandy Island offers visitors a sensational tropical experience.
  7. Straw Hat – We invite you to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with us while enjoying the great views and cool breezes.
  8. SunShine Shack – SunShine Shack. Anguilla’s popular beach bar located on Rendezvous Bay between Anguilla Great House & Cuisinart.
  9. Mango’s Seaside Grill – Our well known open air restaurant fulfills anyone’s fantasies of a beautiful beachfront eatery. We serve the healthiest cuisine on the island with the freshest local seafood.
  10. Tropical Sunset – “Life is a beach sometimes…”, especially at Tropical Sunset where the beach, Shoal Bay East is world renowned.

About Anguilla Restaurants

Fine Dining

Taste international dishes in the luxurious ambience of Anguilla’s fine dining restaurants. For the formal dining experience, they provide the perfect setting for a night with that special someone or a business meeting and the rich scenes and tastes of fine dining in Anguilla.

Beach Bars

Anguilla has become renowned for its beaches – white sand, turquoise sea. But wait, there is more! Beach bars! From Island Harbour to Shoal Bay East and Meads Bay to Sandy Ground, Anguilla’s beach scenery has been adorned with several unique beach bars – that encapsulate the friendly and lively nature of Anguillians. We can’t forget our cays, such as Sandy Island, where you practically have an island and beach bar/restaurant all for yourself!

They provide the perfect place for casual dining, meeting up with friends and having a good ole time dancing to either reggae or zouk while still having fun on the beach! Come and experience the tranquility of fresh Caribbean breeze and the sound of waves lapping the shore while sipping on a cold beer!

Roadside Stalls

Do not miss your opportunity to taste our local food and produce! Whether it is fish, johnny cakes, fresh fruits and vegetables, local drinks and smoothies or BBQ, you are sure to find it! The Strip, in The Valley, is the place to find Ken’s BBQ and other great locally cuisine.

Hit the road, either walking or driving, and see what they have to offer. Indulge in hearty conversations with vendors and ‘localize’ your Anguilla vacation.

Local Cuisine

If you desire a food adventure and want to escape the scenery of fine dining or you are looking for finger-licking, soul food passed down through generations, we have that!

Throughout the island, there are many restaurants that prepare home-cooked, hearty food that would have you coming back for more and more!

Try the traditional Good Friday lunch – saltfish (salted cod), ground provisions (sweet potatoes, green banana, etc), dumpling and Johnny Cakes.

Eat what we eat, taste what we taste and experience the essence of what makes us Anguilla, what we do.

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