Are you riding with Hasani?

Photos Courtesy Aaron Watts

Hasani Hennis, he is only 22 years old but has broken records and taken his passion and talent from the tranquil shores of Anguilla across the Caribbean, Australia and, now, to New York, the UK and a host of other countries in the coming months.

We have watched him proudly wear the Anguilla shield (the 3 dolphins) on his chest – an emblem representative of unity, strength and endurance. These 3 characteristics have shone through brightly as he stood humbly on podiums in Australia, at the John T Memorial Cycling Race in Anguilla and at other events around the world. On his back, “ANGUILLA” is clearly visible to all those who trail him as he continues to propel farther ahead in the pursuit of his goals.

Hasani Hennis Anguilla
Photos: Aaron Watts

We have felt motivated to share his successes with others as he represents our entire island. At the same time, we have seen the trials that he and his family have had to overcome in order for him to continue to grow and shine – raising funds for new bikes and equipment, his time away training and much more.

Hasani Hennis Anguilla

As much as we revel in his success, we have as much of a duty to support him morally during his lows, to motivate him during his trials and, support him financially as our Anguilla ambassador in whom we are so proud.

For that reason, and many more, in his upcoming events (listed below), let us “Ride with Hasani” and show him the support he needs by being there for him physically and in thought as he continues to carry Anguilla on his back and in his heart.

Upcoming Cycling Events

Hasani Hennis Anguilla

More about Hasani Hennis

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Instagram: @therealhasanihennis

Our Duty to our Youth

The above message is applicable to all Anguillians in the pursuit of their dreams. We must recognize and keep in mind those persons who have been doing just that such as the youths at the Anguilla All-Star Athletic Club, Zambezi Richardson who trained with Hasani in Australia, has won several races and will be continuing his training in the Netherlands.

Know of any other young persons who show outstanding potential, share their names in the comment section below.

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