Let’s Transform It, Runway Anguilla

Strut, stop and pose for a cause at the ‘Runway Anguilla’ charity fundraiser which was held on Saturday June 3rd 2017 and was accommodated by The Yacht Club at The Reef by CuisinArt. A 3-course meal with a fashion show for the price of US$100! The net proceeds all going towards the necessities of the youth and the elderly as well as answering the call to support immediate needs on the island.

Runway Anguilla Menu
Runway Anguilla Lobster Meal
Runway Anguilla Dessert

The fashion show this year was titled “Let’s Transform It”. As stated in the title, the clothing that were showcased were clothes that was once something the owner no longer found appealing or it simply could not have been worn anymore but with the help of designers like Collete Jones-Chin, Claire Hage and Charlina Laville, they transformed “What’s in your Closet?”. Along with the 3 marvellous ladies above, CusinArt’s Blu Boutique, Vladimir Bernal, and Samantha Cate also featured their creative designs.

Additionally, Collete Jones-Chin, Creative Artist showcased her own line “Halo”. These pieces were mainly white that she sewn and hand-painted skilfully. Blu Boutique displayed their share of high-end brands by showcasing apparel, swimwear, cover-ups, hats and accessories.

Differently, Vladimir Bernal approached fashion with a more ‘environmental’ look; Models came out with engine belts wrapped around them along with other automotive and industrial components as accessories. Vladimir intended to use these material to stimulate and entertain the minds of many.

Runway Anguilla Fashion Environmental

Runway Anguilla Fashion Environmental

Finally, Samantha Cate added her personal touch to the fashion show by expressing her patriotism via twined jewellery; twine to represent the lines used on the Anguillian sail boats. Her line is called “Expressions N Twined”.

Runway Anguilla at The Reef by CuisinArt
Necklace & Earrings by Samantha Cate

Killing two birds with one stone; looking great while giving back for a worthy cause; you can’t go wrong with that! Runway Anguilla will go forth sharing their blessings in the years to come but the more help, the better! View more images in the Anguilla Runway photo album.

For more information on how you can contribute in whatever way towards the cause, call (264) 476-0921 or (264) 235-3666.

About Runway Anguilla

Runway Anguilla is a non-profit organization established in 2010 to raise funds to support the educational needs of the island’s children and offering financial medical support to the elderly.

Runway Anguilla, since its inception and to date, has raised more than USD $75,000.00 which all net proceeds  has been used to purchase school books, uniforms, glasses, pencils, instruments, socks, underwear , belts, etc for school children throughout the island.

We also have earmarked funds to be used to aid the elderly with doctor appointments, eye glasses and medications. Runway has also answered the call to support the immediate needs on island.

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