Beauty Unveiled at the Miss Scotiabank Talented Teen Pageant


      Circumstances change, beauty fades but the one everlasting thing in life is character. And one’s character defines their beauty within”
— Contestant Number 1, Ms. Nakia Webster, (Scotiabank Talented Teen 2017)

And, true to the quote, four beautiful personalities graced the stage of The Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre on 6th August as they vied for the title of Ms. Scotiabank Talented Teen 2017. Under the theme “Beauty Lies Within” spectators witnessed the four young ladies showcase their inner beauty and talents in four judged categories: Personal Aspiration Speech, Talent, Evening Wear Presentation and Interview.

The four contestants named Nakia Webster, Diaz Mussington, Deztynee Bryan and Tiana Richardson aged between 15 and 18, all put on a spectacular performance as they competed for the esteemed title.

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Personal Aspiration Speech

Sentiments of ambition, passion and determination flowed through the voices of the four contestants as they vowed in speech to accomplish great things in the future. The audience witnessed a future teacher, psychologist, climatologist and soca artist, destined to contribute to Anguilla’s future development.

All four contestants dressed appropriately and impressively for their respective career goals. Ms. Nakia Webster wore a grey pants suit as she expressed her passion to be a teacher, Ms. Diaz Mussington wore a fashionable business suit in representation of her dream to become a psychologist, Ms.Deztynee Bryan’s ensemble which included a dress and a raincoat displayed vividly to the audience her desire to be a climatologist and Ms. Tiana Richardson wore a colourful outfit in celebration of carnival and emancipation as a Soca Artist.

Anguilla’s got talent!

No doubt about it after seeing the outstanding performances from the four contestants in the talent segment.

The audience was humoured by a play and song by Ms. Nakia Webster concerning biases between the treatment of locals and tourist by HM Customs Department.

Ms. Diaz Mussington captivated the audience through a spoken word and dance relating to slavery and its subsequent emancipation.

Scotiabank Talented Teen

Ms. Deztynee Bryan delivered a dance of poise and vivid emotion about anxiety of the unknown in the ER waiting room, which captured the audience’s attention.

And not to forget! Ms. Tiana Richardson’s energy filled rendition of her original soca song entitled “Freedom”.

Evening Wear Presentation

In dresses, a queen would be jealous of, the four contestants left the audience in awe, as they walked eloquently in their royal gowns. They all looked flawless in ball gowns, accentuated with glitter and mesh.

Sociabank Talented Teen
Contestant #1 – Nakia Webster

Sociabank Talented Teen
Contestant #2 – Diaz Mussington

Sociabank Talented Teen
Contestant #3 – Deztynee Bryan

Sociabank Talented Teen
Contestant #4 – Tiana Richardson


In this segment each contestant received a question based on their respective biographies. All contestants showed immense knowledge regarding their hobbies and/ or career goals.

Each contestant gave it their all; however, the reigning Ms. Scotia Bank Talented Teen Ms. Arielle Gaskins, crowned Ms.Deztynee Bryan as Ms. Scotia Bank Talented Teen 2017.

Ms. Deztynee Bryan won all four categories. A clean sweep! She won best aspiration speech as she spoke fluently, clearly and ambitiously of her dream to become a climatologist. Her heartfelt and amazing dance allowed her to capture best talent. She presented her dress as royalty would, and used the entire stage with confidence and poise. Her response for interview was out of the park or should I say centre (LBCC)!

Ms. Diaz Mussington was also consistent throughout the competition and came 1st runner up.

To say the least, the show definitely had the audience at the edge of their seats. It was inspiring to watch young ladies display their talents and knowledge in such a beautiful and humble way. Many of the contestants expressed the positive impact the show has had in their lives. This year’s contestants of Ms. Scotia Bank Talented Teen certainly proved that beauty does lie within!

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