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GB Ferries – Highly recommended; GB Ferries (GB) is the guaranteed, easy, express travel option between Anguilla and St. Maarten’s Princess Julianna International Airport.

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Financial Services

Corporate Entities

Anguilla, with its developed business infrastructure and very efficient regulatory framework, is a cost-effective, modern prime estate and asset planning jurisdiction among the top which are constantly pursuing best international practices and standards in the market.

Mutual Fund

Private, professional and public – incorporated or unincorporated – approval is within 3-4 week with US$8,000 – US$13,000 for formation and registration. They all enjoy exemptions from all types of taxation.


Merline M. Barrett says, “Anguilla trust law provides a more robust framework than many of the other alternatives. The Anguilla trust is better able to withstand any scrutiny into the genuineness of the arrangement.”


The Anguilla Foundation Act 2008 provides for the establishment of registered and deposited foundations, minimal capital being US$10,000. Registration fees are between US$500 and US$700  and annual fees of US$500.

Captive Insurance

The industry’s leading publication, Captive Review, ranks Anguilla as the world’s 5th largest domicile (by number of licensed insurance entities) after Bermuda and Cayman Islands.

Anguilla regulators constantly strive to work to turn around all applications in a timely manner. Anguilla is unburdened by the restrictive regulations of other jurisdictions:

  • no requirements to appoint local directors;
  • no requirements to hold annual general meetings
  • it is not mandatory to establish bank accounts there.

Anguilla boasts a number of suitably qualified managers many of which are independently owned. The industry has “recognised  the attractiveness and growing importance of Anguilla as a jurisdiction.”

“The friendly, welcoming and non-intrusive nature of the Anguillian people attracts a diverse array of international visitors, the pragmatic, professional and commercial approach of the local financial services sector, private and public, attracts… international visitors to Anguilla’s shores.”

Source: Anguilla Finance

Investing Here

Anguilla is a business-friendly low-tax jurisdiction, having no income tax, no corporate tax and no capital gains taxes.

Anguilla’s main industries are tourism and financial services.

Where possible, to encourage and attract foreign investors, the government offers concessions, usually relating to import duties and alien land holding license fees.

Interested in investing and need more information?

Marisa Harding- Hodge
Trade/Investment Officer,

Sherma Hodge
Commerce Officer

Ministry of Finance
Government of Anguilla
P.O. Box 60

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