As the sun sets on 2016 in Anguilla

…we recount what we did throughout the year.

As the sun sets on 2016 in Anguilla, another 12 months of strength, unity and tranquillity in paradise quickly approaches. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” ~ William Shakespeare. With 365 days of summer, what is there really to compare to the 35 square miles of Rainbow City? As the sun sets on 2016, if you haven’t visited at least once for the year, you’ve really missed out on something great!

Anguillian’s and tourists from far and near got jiggy with Joyous January and his fireworks display seen from the white sandy beaches, at restaurants and resorts and even on roof tops at home signalling the start of the new year, 2016. Then it was back to the regular programming with the 44th Annual Police Week where we had ‘the right to remain silent’.

But the silence couldn’t stop Flirtatious February from fast approaching with its festive events; the Annual Garden Party at St. Gerard’s, Annual Anguilla Fashion Expo and Annual Flower and Garden Show. We can’t forget all the romantic walks on the beach, spa dates, dinner and dancing for Valentine’s Day.

Mystical March came sailing in with Island Harbour’s very own, annual Festival Del Mar where we celebrated the wonders of the sea, danced, mingled, ate lots of sea food and awarded the fisherman with the largest catch! Followed by the annual Moonsplash Music Festival in April.

Moonsplash Anguilla Bankie
Bankie Banx at the Dune Preserve. Photo Credits: Derrys Richardson, Signature 7602 Studios

May was enticed with the annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta, annual Anguilla Lit Fest: “A Literary Jollification” and the Valley Street Festival.

June danced it’s way in to the sweet sounds of string band music and a look back at our past. The early morning Buckweed Coffee, the smell of the rock oven baking and the reenactment of some of Anguilla’s most memorable and unique cultural aspects were seen at the annual Welches Fest.

Welches Fest Johnny Cake

July cycled its way over with the John T. Memorial Cycling Race followed by the start of the Anguilla Summer Festival which climaxed in the anxiously anticipated August!


Winner 2016 Majestic Gems

Nostalgic November sped its way through; since carnival wasn’t enough, with Anguilla’s very first music festival, Livin’ In The Sun, which was held for 3 days and 2 nights!

Mannequin Challenge Livin' In The Sun Sandy Island

Last but definitely not the least; Delightful December and its white sandy Christmas! The capital is lit with bright multi-coloured lights along with the week being filled with cheer, food and events to get that Christmas spirit bumping which was the theme of the 2 day South Hill Christmas Experience.

Bake Cake South Hill Christmas Experience

Along with the highlighted events throughout this breath-taking year, came the transition of Viceroy Anguilla to Four Seasons, the opening of The Reef by CuisinArt and the opening of some new restaurants and businesses!

The year 2016 has definitely been one to remember. We mourned the passing of three of Anguilla’s legends; Ras B, Iwandi and Ronald Webster. They left a mark, a legacy, on Anguilla and its people along with impacting the lives of many. From the Father of the Nation to our radio broadcasters and the others who have passed.

James Ronald Webster passes

All in all, 2016 had its ups and downs. It was a rollercoaster ride, as many would describe it; a combination of joy and achievements along with its setbacks and sadness that unity, love and respect within the community was able to appease. Especially winding down the year to this specific season, recapping and reminiscing with the mind set to do better in the years to come. Truly another blessed year, 2016. We hope you enjoy the 2017 Anguilla New Years festivities and all that the new year has to offer.

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