2018 Anguilla Summer Festival

Charimsa Jones-Chin Miss Scotiabank Talented Teen 2018

Through articulate proclamations of personal qualities and aspirations; presentations of astounding talents; displays of regal gowns and showcases of intellect, the four contestants, who vied for the title of “Miss Scotia Bank Talented Teen” on August 5th, 2018, certainly embodied the theme “expressions of culture”. The four girls named Charisma

J'ouvert Anguilla 2018 Anguilla Flag

On any normal day, the route for J’ouvert, from the Valley to Sandy Ground, may seem long but add Exodus HD, Infusion XL, Pantha Vibes International (PVI), Frontline Band, DJs, water trucks, powder, paint and, not to forget, rum and everyone had ‘nuff’ energy and power! Could you imagine the