Boat Race

Anguilla Day Boat Race Schedule

The Whit Monday Boat Race begins in Sandy Ground around 2pm. Go out and support your favourite boat, race and enjoy your time with friends and family.

2017 Anguilla Day Boat Race Blue Bird

The May 30th Anguilla Day Boat Race is an 8-hour long Round-the-Island race and one of the island’s most intense races of the season.

Anguilla Day Boat Race Schedule

The pre Anguilla Day Boat Race is a warm up for the longest race in the Anguilla Boat Race Season, the Anguilla Day Round-the-island boat race! This Class A race starts in Sandy Ground at 2pm.

Anguilla Boat Race Sandy Ground

In honour of the late Elliot Webster, this race starts from Sandy Ground and ends in Island Harbour.

Anguilla Class B Boat Race

Head on down to Festival Del Mar and enjoy the B Class Boat Race held as part of the festival of the sea.

Go Anguilla Boat Race

The Johnno’s Easter Warm-up Boat Race (Class A) gets you in the mood as the boat racing season goes into full swing! Boat will go out, try their sails…

2017 Anguilla Boat Race Blue Bird Rope Pull

From Easter to carnival time in August, Anguilla’s boat racing season is active. Races between these times include: the annual Around-the-Island Boat Race which is held on May 30th (Anguilla Day), Peter Perkins Memorial Race and Whit Monday race, to name a few. The spectators build the hype from land

2017 Anguilla Boat Race Tactics Hard Lee Real Deal Blue Bird

A captain is as good as his crew but the fusion of a well-crafted boat, a strategic captain, a cooperative crew and favourable weather makes for an exceptional racing day in Anguilla! Let me prove to you why the builders of Anguilla’s race boats, their captains and crew deserve accolades