Tonya Mason receives a PhD in Epidemiology from Hong Kong

In this period of COVID-19, a time where public health is of grave importance, we are proud to announce that, Dr Tonya Mason, an Anguillian, has completed a PhD in Environmental Epidemiology at The University of Hong Kong. 

Born and raised in Anguilla, she is the daughter of Fay and David “Fuzzy” Brooks in Sachasses and, her hobbies include hiking, going to the gym, and reading.

Dr Mason has been living in Hong Kong for 11 years with her husband Matthew Mason and her three daughters. During her 4 years at The University of Hong Kong, she was successful in publishing 3 academic papers in scientific accredited journals. She has significant experience conducting research, statistical analysis, and data modeling.

Dr Mason’s research work focused on evaluating environmental air pollution policies and looking at the population health impact. She designed, analyzed, and published two papers on Hong Kong’s air quality health index (AQHI). Dr Mason also led, designed, and wrote two proposals on topics pertaining to health improvement in Hong Kong for her Environmental Health team.

She served as a representative for Hong Kong University School of Public Health at the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology International conference (ISEE) for 3 consecutive years and presented her research work in Rome, Ottawa and Utrecht.

Dr Mason also holds a Master’s in Public Health from Florida International University and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Maryland Baltimore County.

During 2015 to 2016, Dr Mason was a Research Assistant at the University Of Hong Kong School Of Public Health. There, she conducted literature reviews for projects on air quality policies and health, assisted with data analysis using statistical programming R for projects and manuscripts and also helped with writing manuscripts.

Life & Contributions to Health in Anguilla

The Anguillian scholar is also a lover of the island’s culture and has participated in various pageants. She won the Prince and Princess show in 1994, is Former Miss Anguilla 2001/2002 and Miss Ecstasy – 2002/2003.

In 2012, she interned at the Ministry of Health and Social Development. She attended weekly clinic sessions with Dr. Lanny Richardson and interviewed patients on their level and quantity of physical fitness.

Additionally, she helped to analyze health data for quality assurance, epidemiological, and planning purposes and attended 3 health seminars that focused on health issues in the Anguillan community.

Further to this, Dr Mason assisted in designing and participated in health campaigns that promoted fitness and wellness programs in a sample population of 300 people.

We must commend Anguillians, living abroad, who are steadily making major contributions to global livelihood. Dr Tonya Mason is one of many Anguillians doing just so. If you know of any others we can recognise, please leave their name in the comments below.

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