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How do you travel to Anguilla?

We are aware that getting to Anguilla could be quite a challenge. Although, with the introduction of a Codeshare Agreement between Delta Air Lines and Seaborne Airlines, this should become slightly less true.

We are indeed appreciative of the time, resources and love you invest in making each and every trip to Anguilla a success.

For this reason, What We Do In Anguilla wants to know what it takes for you to get to Anguilla. From the moment you step out of your door till the moment you arrive to your accommodation in Anguilla, we want to hear your story.

Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Write step-by-step what it takes for you to get to Anguilla. Include:
    • route (starting point and stops)
    • duration of travel
    • preferred time to travel
    • means of transportation (combination: car, bus, train, plain, boat)
    • let us know what you do once you arrive (optional)
  2. Send us your story or go to the Facebook Comment bar below and leave your story

Need some inspiration? Here’s what a traveler from Pueblo, Colorado had to say:

“We travel from Pueblo, Colorado to Denver, Colorado by car. Fly from Denver, Colorado to SXM currently, then we take the ferry to AXA. We have flown directly into AXA with American when they were still active. It is a long day since we leave Denver at 1:00am and arrive in SXM at 2:30pm.”

Your story can be as brief as this or as detailed as you feel is necessary. We look forward to reading about your experiences. Email us or comment your story below.

Here is what some of our visitors had to say…

Map does not show the route taken; only proximity to Anguilla.

Rob & Michelle’s Journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Anguilla

We like to visit Anguilla 2 times/year. Typically we are there in December for New Years Eve, and then one more time in April.

To get there, we leave from the airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Luckily we are not too far from it – only 30 min drive.
We will have to make a connection somewhere – Philadelphia, Newark, Toronto, or New York, depending on which airline we’re traveling with.  We’ve flown multiple different airlines.  We choose based on the itinerary and price at the time we book.  They are always changing.  It’s about a 2 hour flight to any of those cities.

Sometimes, our connection involves an overnight stay, but usually it is 2-3 hours connection time. Then we fly from one of those cities to SXM, usually about a 4 hour flight.

Once, we did have a 2nd connection in San Juan, and caught Cape Air right into AXA.  We really liked that, but the route that got us into San Juan no longer exists.  So, we then take a boat from SXM to AXA.

The absolute minimum for travel time is 14 hours.  That’s with only a 90 minute connection in Newark though, and in December…. who knows if we’ll even make it!  That part is always a little stressful.

However… It’s all worth it once we get there!  We check into our villa, get our rental car, go pick up some food and drinks and hit the beaches!!  We like to visit a different beach each day, and eat lunch and dinner at a different place each day as well.  Anguilla is definitely our favourite island!

Jenny & Teggy’s Journey from Cambridge, UK to Anguilla


This is our story…

We leave Cambridge in the UK by car, arriving at Gatwick Airport about 90 minutes later. We park in the long-stay parking and catch a bus to the terminal. Trans-Atlantic flights out of the UK are generally early so we leave by plane around 7am. We usually take a BA flight to St Kitts via Antigua which is a 9 hour flight, arriving in Basseterre mid-afternoon.

Whilst there is a possibility of getting a flight out on TAA to Anguilla the same day, should our BA flight suffer any delays, we would miss our connection and have to pay for more flights (which are ridiculously expensive!). So we usually overnight in St Kitts and fly in the next day to Anguilla. Our flight from the UK costs us about US $ 1800 for two return and the TAA flight costs a further US $600 return.

Total traveling time at least 34 hours each way!

We have recently found out that BA now have an agreement with WinAIR for connecting flights from Antigua into SXM. We are thinking of trying this next year as it works out cheaper and we should be able to catch the boat into Anguilla the same day. This would cut over 12 hours from our journey time if all the flights run to schedule and save us over US $500

Kate’s Journey from London, UK to Anguilla

We travel to Anguilla from the UK; have done for many years. We get a short 30 minute flight from London to Paris, usually at around 6am. Then after about an hour in Paris we take an 8 hour flight to SXM. From SXM we get a charter boat to Anguilla although we have done the ferry. We’re usually in Anguilla by about 5pm local time.

Steve’s Journey from Canada to Anguilla

Route (starting point and stops): Limo to YYZ, Air Canada YYZ to MIA (overnight) American Airlines MIA to SXM, GB Ferries to Blowing Point, Taxi to hotel.

Duration of travel: 8 hrs 30 min plus overnight and transfers ~ 22 hrs total time. Previous direct YYZ to SXM was 13 hrs but since canceled now doubles time and cost to get to Anguilla. Now lose a day on Anguilla. Get flights to SXM restored please (due to Irma)!

Preferred time to travel: Sat morning arrive late afternoon. Means of transportation (combination: car, bus, train, plain, boat) limo, plane, boat, car.

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