Vere Musiq, the name you will want to remember!

If ever there was a perfect blend of a classic sound sprinkled with Caribbean influences, Vere Musiq would be it. He is the artist that you didn’t know you needed in your headphones. He has the ability to deliver huge vocal performances yet tone it down to serve subtle and sweet notes when the song dictates. 

Vere Musiq was born and raised on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. As a child he was drawn to the drums and became quite proficient. His love for the drums led him to experiment with the bass guitar and later the keyboard. None held his interest. Around age 10 however Vere had a eureka moment while being taught vocal exercises by his sister. He could sing! He discovered that he wasn’t just an average singer. He had an exceptional talent. While he hid this from his peers, Vere worked consistently on his vocals in private. His vocal ability was so good however, that his secret could not be contained. He began to get requests to join choirs. In addition, young Vere received continuous bookings to perform at weddings, concerts and other events on the island. 

Vere admits that he is a lover of more soulful sounds. He has been influenced by an eclectic blend of modern R&B and Reggae and cites John Legend, Boys II Men, Tarrus Riley, Beres Hammond and Romain Virgo among his favorites. Along his journey in music Vere also discovered and fell in love with the sounds of Frank Sinatra and Bill Withers. 

Vere Musiq is a name that you will want to remember. But if ever it slips you, you won’t forget once his music takes hold of you.

Though the influences of these artists can be heard, make no mistake Vere Musiq is unique. He is a superb talent. To add to his incredible vocal ability, Vere is a truly impressive songwriter. His words take you to levels and through paces that only those that have experienced love and should experience love will understand. 

To hear Vere sing is one thing. To see him perform is confirmation that we are witnessing the birth of the Caribbean’s next star in the world of music. His performances are captivating and it is evident that he dedicates the same amount of energy whether performing for small crowds or large audiences.

Vere Musiq is a name that you will want to remember. But if ever it slips you, you won’t forget once his music takes hold of you.

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