The wonders of tourism in Anguilla

By: Joel Smith**

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Tourism is “the act and process of spending time away from home in pursuit of recreation, relaxation, and pleasure, while making use of the commercial provision of services.” In 2018, Forbes said that the fastest-growing sector in the travel and tourism industry is the Caribbean, which generated 62 billion USD. With thousands of divine hotels, magnificent resorts, soul-comforting beaches, and a mix of cultures from all around the world, the Caribbean grants a trip that cannot be matched by many destinations. Unfortunately, not all of our precious islands get the same recognition because of either their size or online presence.

Here in Anguilla, tourism is our most prominent industry. Anguilla offers some of the best hotels, renowned villas, and white powdery beaches that stretch for miles across the sculpted seascape. Despite its size, this island has a lot to offer. Tiger boats, surfing, sea cave exploration, and diving excursions are just a few of the marine-based activities. Although surrounded by the sea, there are still quite a few land-based activities as well such as cycling, spas and ATV tours. As a result, there are multitudes of guides, both physical and online, that give the traveler an understanding of what might be most important to them.

Anguilla is quickly becoming the culinary capital of the Caribbean, its cuisines stretch from Italian to Thai and from Mexican to the Mediterranean with an Anguillian twist. The tourist board has recently introduced restaurant week as an attraction to tourists worldwide. Even on the local scene, street vendors are becoming popular for their cooking styles, notably, Ken’s Barbeque and Mabel’s Corn Soup. A lack of fast food joints on the island ensures a healthier environment with each restaurant preparing dishes with only the freshest of ingredients. in terms of producing ingredients, there are numerous chicken farms and CuisineArt has a hydroponic farm that grows all the vegetables for the resort.

Anguilla also boasts some of the most luxurious five-star properties in the world. For example, Cap Juluca was voted number 10 of the most luxurious hotels. The island is also home to Four Seasons, CuisinArt, and Zemi Beach. Our villas are also fastly becoming popular. Ani, LeBleau, Moderna, and Cerulean are becoming vacation mainstays for high-end celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, Denzel Washington, and Gabrielle Union just to name a few. Anguilla provides a private getaway from the media, fanatic fans, and the everyday rush of their busy lifestyles.

What makes Anguilla stand out is the warmth, strength, and resilience of the people. Most tourists feel as safe as if Anguilla belonged to them. They can roam freely through the island, unbothered by locals whose main interest is to make them comfortable and introduce them to our rich culture. You can see performances by the Miyumba folklore group, Tok and the boys, Bankie Banx, and many other local artists at restaurants on any given night. Also, the story of the Anguillian revolution can be read around a beach bonfire by our famous historian Mr. Colville Petty.

Anguilla is not only known for its hotels and beaches but its fabulous food and it rich culture. Our banner, Anguilla is not just unique but it’s beyond extraordinary.

*Published as submitted to the 2020 Anguilla Non-Fiction Literary Competition. Read more about the Competition here.

**Joel Smith was the winner of the Age 13-15 Category for the Anguilla Non-Fiction Literary Competition.

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